November 11 is a powerful day where the cosmic doorways are open.

We can take advantage of this opportunity by meditating for about 30 minutes on that day and joining with the higher
frequencies that are available to us.

Sit in a quiet room where you will be undisturbed.

You can place your feet flat on the floor and your hands palms down on your lap.

Take three deep breaths with slow long exhales.

Take three more deep breaths - holding each breath for a few seconds, then exhaling each breath.

See yourself surrounded by pure white light and expand it out into the room you are sitting in.   Then expand the light out to include the building you are

Turn your palms up now to receive the energies.

Open your Crown Chakra at the top of your head.

See white light pouring in the crown and down through all your chakras and out the bottom of your feet and into mother earth.

See the white light connect with the core center of mother earth.

Feel the energies of mother earth come up your feet and into your body in any colors that you feel you need.  See this light coming up through your
chakras filling your entire body with beautiful, radiant golden light now.

See the energies of this golden light radiate out from you to all things in the universe.

Acknowledge that the doorway is now open to you.  "I am one with the God within and the God within me opens all door to me now.  

Thank you.  So Be It."

Now visualize that you are in your third eye area, just behind your forehead.  Feel your energy center there.  Now see the doorway that is open for your
by your God Self.  Know that this is your special moment to enter the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Beyond this threshold lies the full openings of ascension which are already inside of you.  As you step through the door you are greeted by your friends
who are master teachers along with you.  They have been guiding you along your way during your earth journey with reminders to help
you stay on your task.   They hug you and greet you with great love which flows into you deeply.

This is your day, your moment and your friends are very happy you have arrived.

As you are guided along a golden walkway to an enormous courtyard you notice that it has no ceiling.  When you look up you see stars and it is
so beautiful.  In the courtyard you see many people who are there - the same as you.  It is time.

As you stand - you feel a golden honey liquid pouring down on to your crown chakra.  This is a warm golden glowing honey nectar that is going into
your crown now and down to your Pineal Gland (the master cell, size of a small walnut) in the center of your head.  The warm golden glowing nectar is
awakening your Pineal Gland to its fullest potential.  You can feel it vibrate inside your head as it awakens.  Now you see, with your inner sight, that the
warm golden glowing honey nectar has now become a factory inside your Pineal Gland.  Your Pineal Gland is now creating its own production of this
golden nectar.  It is radiating golden peace, love and wisdom down through your body now.  It fills all the cells of your body with light.  And you realize
that this warm golden nectar is what flows through the awakened and enlightened, this is the nectar of your God-Self.  You are joining in a deeper way
than you have known or allowed on earth.  You now acknowledge your God-self by stating:

"God is in every cell of my body awakening and making alive in me all knowledge, wisdom and understanding in this NOW moment.  God speaks
through me and communicates to others through me this day and all days forward.  I am opening to allow all flows of energy from the higher frequencies
to clear, align and activate within me all that this day has been ordained to bring forward.  I accept this wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment and the
power of responsibility that goes with it.  Thank you.  So Be It.  It Is So.
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