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2012 QUANTUM LIGHT Crystals© come from Brazil working with the coming of the golden age and perfect balance.  When I first read a 2012
 I was astounded by the vastness of a new energy that it contained.  As I tuned in more intently I immediately felt an
immense unified field of energy that I identify as  ZERO POINT or Perfect Balance.    

I am very honored and excited to offer the
2012 QUANTUM LIGHT Crystals©   to my friends through DNA Alchemy.  In Quantum Physics Zero Point is
the natural state of rest for all things bringing an end to the polar opposites facilitating the Golden Age coming in.   Zero-point energy is the perfect
balance of all energies and has been used on earth since the beginning.  

Energy is infinite so it exists in many dimensions. Zero-point energy is a measurable energy  that represents the natural state at rest of the Universal
Energy in whatever form it is taking at the moment.

Now the process is much quicker.  A personal vortex can easily be created with just a thought.  It  is now possible for everyone to live every moment of
daily life in zero-point energy.  

The 2012 QUANTUM LIGHT Crystals©  brings us the perfect balance of Zero Point.

Quick Reference:
  • Extremely high vibrational frequency, one of the highest on the planet.
  • Contains our completed future selves.
  • Creates an energetic partnership as the 2012's energy flows through us.
  • Allow for graceful releases of intense challenges and attachment we no longer need.
  • Rapidly shifts consciousness assisting us to arrive at Zero Point and perfect balance in the Golden Age of peace and harmony.
  • Works as a diagnostic tool plugged into our human computer healing what needs to be healed.