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    Were  recently discovered in a new Brazil mine
    heralding the coming of the golden  age and
    perfect balance.  When I first read a 2012
    Quantum Light Crystal© , I was astounded by
    the vastness of a  new energy that it contained.  
    As I tuned in more intently I immediately  felt an
    immense unified field of energy that I identify as  
    ZERO POINT.   

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Qualities of the 2012 Quantum Light Crystal © :

  • Extremely high vibrational frequency, one of the highest on
    the planet.
  • Contains our completed future selves.
  • Creates an energetic partnership as the 2012's quantum
    light energy flows through us.
  • Allow for graceful releases of intense challenges and
    attachment we no longer need.
  • Rapidly shifts consciousness assisting us to arrive at Zero
    Point and perfect balance in the Golden Age of peace and
  • Works as a diagnostic tool plugged into our human
    computer healing what needs to be healed.
2012 Quantum Light
0.55 oz., 1.5"L x 2.5"D
2012 Quantum Light
1.1 oz., 1.6"L x 3.1"D
More 2012's are coming
next week.