Any crystal with eight faces (facets) rather than the more usual six is an 8-Faceted Crystal.  These crystals are rare since quartz crystals always try to
grow six sides.

8-Facted Crystals have the extra-special ability to activate energy around them in tune with all of the frequencies governed by the symbolism and sound
of the number 8.  Symbolically the number 8 is the number for Infinity and Cosmic Consciousness.  It is also the number of regeneration; renewal after an
initiation; abundance; the reality of the physical world; perfect balance and rhythm; the goal of the spiritual Initiate; entrance into a new state or condition
of the Soul; and all possibilities contained within manifestation.  Eight is the number assigned to Hermes and Thoth and the equivalent of the Hebrew
YHVH.  To the ancient Hindu 8X8 was the number of the Celestial World as it is established on Earth.  

This crystal is associated with prosperity, success, and accomplishment, making it an excellent stone to have around when pursuing a business venture
or planning a career, and to remind you that your possibilities are indeed endless.  Paired with an Abundance Crystal, a good attitude and some effort on
your part, it would be hard to miss your target.  

An 8-Faceted Crystal helps you learn to balance your desire for material things with your spiritual growth.  It is an excellent reminder that it is entirely
possible to be wealthy and spiritual at the same time, and that you are never stuck with the common, ordinary pattern of life or growth that everyone
expects of you.

An 8-Faceted Crystal is an excellent tool for recharging the human aura and maintaining your spiritual equilibrium.  It is a first rate communication tool,
especially for communicating with your guides, teachers, and Higher or Inner Self.

8-Faceted Crystal Quick Reference:

  •     Symbolizes Infinity, Perfection, and the Initiate.
  •     Symbolizes Cosmic Consciousness.
  •     Represents regeneration and renewal at the physical level.
  •     Outstanding for balancing the power of Spirit with the power of Nature.
  •     Represents success, accomplishment, growth, and abundance.
  •     Excellent tool for aiding you to enter into a new state of being.
  •     Represents the spiraling movement of the Universe.
  •     A superb Dream Stone.
  •     Very specialized energy activator.
  •     Helps balance your material desires with spiritual ones.
  •     Reminds you that you are not trapped by the forms of your culture.
  •     One of the best protection stones.
  •     Balances Yang (male) energy.
  •     Excellent choice to focus your concentration.
  •     Aids in releasing fear of your personal power and how you will use it.
  •     Superior divination tool.
  •     Assists in communication with your Higher Self.
  •     Helps you deal with fear of your physical death.
  •     Great tool for balancing your emotions.
  •     Reminds you that it’s okay to be wealthy and spiritual at the same time.
  •     Recharges and revitalizes the human aura.
  •     Reminds you of your true position within the physical world.
  •     Helps you balance your desire for the material with the spiritual.
  •     Good reminder that you don’t have to be what others see.
  •     Symbolizes entrance into a new state of being.
from "Crystal Personalities" by Patricia Troyer
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