from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

An Abundance Crystal is a crystal with individual smaller crystals clustered at or around its base or sprinkled along one or more of its sides.  Abundance
Crystals are symbolic of the abundance and profusion of the things in your life already within easy reach, maybe even just at your feet waiting for you to
wake up and notice them.  Abundance Crystals remind you to recognize this abundance for what it is and what it can help you do, and most of all to
realize that it is already supporting and sustaining you.  

Meditation with or focusing on an Abundance Crystal helps you become more comfortable with your personal beliefs about abundance, prosperity ,
affluence, and wealth in all of their forms.  Once you truly grasp this feeling, abundance is literally only a thought away.  These crystals help you begin to
attract what is in reality already yours, you have just forgotten to ask for it clearly and precisely.  Abundance Crystals are strong symbols that you are
limited only by your won beliefs about what you deserve and are allowed to have.  Remember one of the basic laws of physics—like attracts like.  Feel
abundant and it is already 80% yours and moving closer with each thought.  How would you walk, talk, stand, sit differently if you had the abundance you
want right now?  Do it.  (This does not mean that you run around charging up all of your plastic to the brim.  That isn’t abundance, it’s using someone else’
s money, with interest).

So Abundance Crystals are good choices for programming to bring more abundance into your life.  But first get quite clear about what you believe
abundance is.  Is it money, energy, health, love, friends, all of the above and more?  Put it in writing.  If you can’t, you still aren’t clear about what you
believe abundance to be.  What would it take to make you feel abundant?  How would abundance change your life?  How would you have to change your
present behavior to have abundance?  Does that please, or displease, you?  Is there any part of this feeling that frightens some other part of you, and if
so, is it causing you to send out mixed signals about having abundance?  And if you have just discovered that you don’t know what abundance really
means to you, you at least now have some idea of why you don’t have it.  If you don’t know, who does?  

This crystal is also an outstanding protection stone, symbolizing the parent or guardian protecting and supporting its little ones.  Abundance Crystals
remind you to protect and support your own ideas and dreams and to act on them step-by-step with child-like trust.  They are constant reminders that you
are supported in all that you do at all times, that you are never alone, and that there are constantly new parts of you with new experiences coming into
awareness to help you reach your goals.  (See also Crystal Cluster).  


  •  Symbolizes your natural power and ability to create what you want.  
  •  One of the Power Stones
  •  One of the Rescue Stones
  •  A good dream stone.
  •  Focuses your attention on prosperity and abundance.  
  •  Helps attract abundance of all kinds.
  •  Promotes lighter, happier attitudes.
  •  Keeps reminding you to act on your dreams with trust.  
  •  Reminds you that there is always more coming.  
  •  Excellent choice to erase “I can’t do it” thoughts and feelings.
  •  Helps you deal with deep inner fears of failing.  
  •  First rate depression fighter.
  •  Excellent energy recharger.
  •  Outstanding choice for business people and entrepreneurs.  
  •  Stimulates feelings of compassion toward those less gifted.
  •  Good choice for attaining harmony in your life at all levels.
  •  Promotes a stronger desire for freedom and independence.
  •  Stimulates feelings of safety and security by remembering you have support.
  •  Helps you deal with fear of your personal power to create what you want.  
  •  Aids you in communicating more directly with your Higher or Inner Self.  
  •  A good tool for generating a desire for empathy and cooperation with others.  
  •  Stores unlimited potential for growth through your conscious cooperation and support by and of others.
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