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             Properties of Violet Fire Crystals
    Quick Reference:
  • Brings Quantum Violet Light-Fire that prepares us for the coming
    energies of the Golden Age.   
  • Transforms lower energies and acts as a healer on all levels.
  • Calming quality known as 'nature's tranquilizer bringing peace.
  • Enhances mental strength, stability and vigor.
  • Assists in understanding all states of transition.
  • Helps relieve stress, grief, depression and emotional despair.
  • Assists with effective communication.
  • Clears chakra blockages and specially heals and aligns ailments of
    the Third Eye and Crown chakras.
  • Aides the 6th Chakra by opening the Third Eye and heightening
    awareness both spiritual and psychic.
  • Increases intuition and psychic development.
  • Works with St. Germain and the Violet Flame of Transformation
Violet Fire Crystals,
.45 oz, 1.1"L x 2.5"D
The new Violet Fire Crystals are in and will be
added to the website in the next few days.