Andara means “Light of Beauty and Perfection”
Ane'la Angel Andara

  • Opens a doorway to tranquility and peace drawing your consciousness
    inward - into the crystal dimensions.
  • Brings instant light of consciousness and access to all space, time and
  • Possesses the Energies and flow of the Oceans and takes you to your
    Dream place.
  • Connectedness with all that is; direct connection to Divine Source
  • Pure Crystalline and Golden Energies bringing complete unity.
  • Love, harmony, connectedness and opening of the void (that space
    where all creation is possible).
  • Contains Sacred Geometry and all the ratios of time and space.
  • Major consciousness shifting!
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Andara Crystal Glass, Ane'la
1.0 to 1.5 oz.
Prima Matra from the Sierras
Ane'la Angel