Prima Matra from the Sierras
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Lady Nellie holding
    Hi Valerie,

    I received my Ane'la Crystals and I love them.  I can
    feel the energy and I have noticed that I am behaving
    more lovingly to my children.

    I have improved patience and I feel the Angels
    assisting me in my life.  

    Thank you for offering the Ane'la Crystals.  They
    have made me a better person in my life.

    Thank you!

    Many Blessings,

    Dear Valerie,

    Thank you for sending my Andara Crystals so
    promptly.  I love the packaging and the way you wrap
    the crystals and I love my wonderful Andaras.

    You take such care and I can feel the love you pass on
    through the Andara.

    I have been sleeping with them under my pillow at night
    and find them speeding up my energy.  The things that
    have occurred in the last week are remarkable from
    meeting significant new people to gaining new insight
    and new inspiration and ideas.

    I am thrilled to feel such a boost in brain power with the

    Thank you again for the light you bring to the world
    through you work!


immediately drawn to the green color and of course the name, Merlin, since I've always
loved magic and wanted to have a magical wand since I was a kid!

    I hadn't really noticed any changes, since I guess I'm used to having high
    vibration crystals by me, and to be totally honest with you, I wasn't sure if
    the Andara was doing much besides being beautiful;-)  

    Then, today, as I was doing some research on the Angel Oracle Card
    Practitioner work shop I just completed, I ran across someone selling
    Andara's in Japan. And then it kind of hit me that I was doing a lot of things
    that I hadn't dreamed of doing even 2 months ago--like attending an Angle
    Oracle Practitioner work shop.

    So, I visited your website and looked at the explanation of the Merlin green
    andara again and thought, "Hmm...yeah, as I practiced reading Angle Oracle
    cards in the visions during readings, but also visions  in real life as to how to
    go about doing Angel Card Readings and maybe selling crystals to so many
    who need them. Ideas about where to start doing this so it can lead to an
    actual practice or business seemed to be coming in waves and so many
    things have manifested--opportunities and new people that I am meeting
    that help to broaden my spiritual side so that it blends with, hopefully,
    a future business.

    I then realized that I hadn't fully appreciated the alchemic and magical power
    of my Merlin andara! So, I went through your listings and this time I was
    drawn to the clear Andara.

    It was an interesting flow of events that lead me back to your website and I
    can't wait to receive my new Andara.

    I also read that one of  Lady Nellie's grandsons passed away. Please tell her
    that an ex-patriate living in Japan sends her love and prayers during this
    painful time. She must be going through a terribly hard time having to lose a

    I am fascinated with Lady Nellie and it is so wonderful that you actually get to
    meet her!   Hopefully, I can talk to her on the phone one of these days:-) What
    a lovely thought to hold.

    Love, Light & Blessings,
    Dear Valerie,

    I love my beautiful blue Ane'la Andara Crystals!  I can feel
    the angelic energies at work.

    Right away I began having vivid dreams that opened
    doorways into many realms of understanding.  This same
    information has helped me in my life each days since I
    received my Ane'la.

    I can wait to see what happens next!

    Lots of Love,

So far the other Andaras and An'ela are working like a charm.

I have worked with all three stones separately and all
together, amazing energy.

My neck is feeling much better after the whiplash I

Great dreams too. This morning I woke to a man telling me
that from what he can see we will have a good baby. Yikes!    
I'm 41 what the heck is he waiting for?????  

Kelly E."

    the way they were shipped.  I burned the incense after taking
    the Andaras out of the bag and loved their energy.  I found it
    interesting that the Sea Foam piece fit my right hand perfectly,
    as if someone had taken a mold of it before the Andara was
    formed.  It only fits one hand and only between my first two
    fingers.  It won't automatically stay in my hand anywhere else.  

    I don't know if this is common for anyone else working with
    Andaras, but mine tend to fit my hands perfectly.  When I
    meditate with mine they automatically fit in my hand a certain
    way for scanning and releasing energy over someone's body.  
    The one I use most for long distance Reiki grew two lines of
    rutile (it looks like rutile, but I don't know for sure) a week or so
    after I had started working with it.  I don't know if that's normal
    and I'm not really sure why it happened, but I feel incredibly
    honored to even know that these stones exist.  

    I really love working with Andaras and look forward to being
    able to purchase more from you in the future.  

    Thanks again for all the work you do getting the Andaras out to
    the world.

    Much love and light,

    Joanne Smith