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"There is a beautiful blue stone, the 'Anela Stone
or work well with the Andara's.  They have the
energy of the Andara Crystals.  It's all in one
hand.  They come from the heart.  

Bless those that have put them on the market
and that are moving them across the world."

~~ Lady Nellie Thompson
Crystal to the Hindu temple in Kapaa, Kauai, on July 7th, 2006.

On January 10th, 2008, 18 months and 3 days later, the Andara exploded.
Andara Stone "birthing" new consciousness of the 'Anela Stones January 10, 2008 while located at the
front of the Hindu Kaduval Temple.
The Shiva Lingam Crystal located in the sanctum of the Kaduval Temple A
few months prior to the explosion of the 140 pound Andara gifted by Lady Nellie to the into
physical consciousness.  Its resonant color frequency, the transparent, high heart
aquamarine glass provided the place for this sacred embodiment.  The Ane'la energetics
entered into this aquamarine "housing".

One of the Andara group consciousness' Response Abilities has been to hold the Field of
one's Intention.  As many have moved toward the transparency of their pure heart intention
of Being the clearest expression of their individual Source Consciousness they can
embody, the next spiral of Unlimited Consciousness was called forth.  In the sacred space
of the Hindu Temple, the Andara Stone's explosion created a Stargate portal for the Ane'la
consciousness to be integrated into Now Time.  Mirroring the way the Andara's
Consciousness entered into its own physical energetics, on 1/10/2008, the Andara Group
Consciousness opened its own Beingness, in this density, to allow the possibility of
receiving the Ascending, Integrating potential the Ane'la Consciousness embodies. Much
like a birthing channel, through its opening, the Stargate potential of Unlimited
Consciousness' next spiral expression was set in motion. The color of the Ane'la glass
holds an immense high heart frequency in its own right.  This frequency is exponentially
increased through the infusion of the angelic frequencies Ane'la consciousness elicits.
Aligning with an Ane'la, in and through the purity of one's intention, ones individual field is
catapulted into rarefied Angelic dimensions.
~Beverly Ann Wilson  
Large Ane'la Crystals used in Puja Sessions each morning
at the Hindu Kaduval Temple on Kauai.  
"The Andara exploding was just the next stage
of its evolution, and we are very happy with the
Angel stone as a replacement...everything is as
it should be!"


Properties of Ane'la Crystals:

  • Ane'la means Angel and is a doorway to the Angelic Realms.
  • Opens a doorway to tranquility and peace drawing your consciousness inward - into the
    crystal dimensions.
  • Brings instant light of consciousness.
  • Access to all space, all time, all consciousness.
  • Possesses the Energies and flow of the Oceans.
  • Takes you to your Dream place.
  • Connectedness with all that is.
  • Is a Direct connection to Divine Source
  • Is pure Crystalline and Golden Energies bringing complete unity.
  • Is love, harmony, connectedness and opening of the void (that space where all creation
    is possible).
  • Contains Sacred Geometry and all the ratios of time and space.
  • Consciousness shifting in a major way that you need to be ready for!
  • Within this newly birthed Ane'la consciousness is unparalleled shifts and the power to
    manifest your heavenly dreams on earth.
The New Consciousness of Ane'la Stones.
Lady Nellie
Prima Matra Sacred Matter
from the Sierras
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