David Miller channels spiritual masters such as Sananda, Vywamus, the Arcturians, and the energies of the Archangels and has
published numerous articles from these channelings.

The Arcturians asked David K. Miller to set up meditation groups called “Groups of Forty.”
The first Group of Forty has been meeting for 8 years now and has drawn members from all over the
United States and Canada, as well as Australia, and Germany.

All groups will meditate at the same time each month—the first Saturday of every month from 5:45 PM – 6:45 PM Arizona Time.  
During the main meditation, David will channel a message for everyone in the groups. His message will be transcribed and mailed to
you along with a monthly newsletter, which will also be edited by your group coordinator.

A newsletter and transcribed channeling will be mailed to you monthly. An annual fee of $40.00 covers the mailing costs for the
transcriptions. Members are encouraged to call in questions for the channelings to their group coordinator. Meditations also include
group healing, where all members of the group will focus healing energy on one designated person in the group.  Members who are
the focus of this healing energy have reported profound healing experiences.

All work by the Arcturians is directed towards our transformation to higher
consciousness, Earth healings and personal healings.  

As of this writing, there are now 38 groups with over 1000 members, each with a group coordinator. New groups are continuously
being formed.  Each new group will have a group coordinator.

Arcturian Meditation Groups
Groups of Forty
with David K. Miller
The first book of David's that I read was Connecting with the Arcturians which was a huge leap
for me into the higher frequencies of light.  I received much concrete information downloaded to me
that was highly usable here on the earth plane.  I have had many visits and connections with the
Arcturians who are here to assist us in the ascension process along with the Hathors, Pleiadians,
Sanat Kumara (now Vywamus), Sananda Kumara, Melkezideck, Kuthumi, St. Germain, Thoth,
Horus, Osiris, Mary, Isis, Inanna, Quin Yin (all the feminine aspects), all the Archangels including
Michael, Metatron and Raphael. (Many of these beings are actually aspects of each other).
The ability to channel Spirit is easing into the realms of normal behavior for many people. David Miller says that the ascended
masters are working with all of us at this time.

His teaching about how to channel is of particular importance as it lays emphasis on the need for discernment and the need to
educate ourselves on the nature of channeling. David is a scholar and translator of cosmic dimensions, and has been working
directly with ascended masters for over 12 years. Effectively he has been downloading the codes and material that will help
humanity to ascend to the next level of being - the fifth dimension.
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Automatically Speaking -
The Ascendant Masters Are Working with YOU!
Exerpt from Interview with David Miller
By Emma Rigge
"Everything that is happening on the planet is moving
towards what we view as an evolutionary leap."
- Juliano, speaking for the Arcturians through David Miller
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