Your Lemurian's Attributes
from Love is in the Earth by Melodie

Beta Quartz is a variety of quartz, which occurs in the configuration of hexagonals and trapezohedral-hemihedrals.  The color ranges from beige to
bronze-brown.  In addition to the qualities listed in the Quartz section, this mineral has been used for both dowsing and divining, providing clear directional
information and responding to all questions.  There is a response and resolution to each question, no matter where, when, or what kind of question is
posed and answer is solicited.

It has been used for de-coding/encoding of patterns from dreams and visions, assisting in clear channels of communication from both the higher-self and
the inner self; hence, the information flows freely and contributes information which assists one in determining the appropriate and foremost actions which
will enhance and strengthen ones continuation on the selected path.  
It tends to bring the energies of responsibility to the qualities of systematic intuition.  It represents the height of mental achievement, facilitating a limitless
range of avenues for exploration.

Beta Quartz is known as a DNA crystal for re-tuning the DNA.  It has been used extensively in the treatment of violent and/or highly infective dis-eases, as
well as by others who are working with those affected in order to provide protection from the composition and formation of the cells.  It has been used to
assist the prevention of RNA/DNA damage and can be used in repair of same
Vibrates to the number 5.
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