from "Crystal Personalities" by Patricia Troyer

A Channeling Crystal is a crystal with seven lines making up the outline of one of its faces (facets), with a perfect triangle directly opposite this 7-sided  
face.  This is the Sage of the Crystal Clan, a stone for scientists and seekers, those who want to know why and how, and how to then act on this
information with intelligence.  A Channelling Crystal is sometimes called a Spiritual Growth Crystal or a 7-Sided Crystal.

The 7-sided face symbolizes the seven qualities human consciousness must master to access the wisdom of the Total Self: (1) Love, (2) Knowledge, (3)
Bliss, (4) Freedom, (5) Peace, (6) Manifestation, and (7) Unity.  For this reason, the 7-sided face also symbolizes the Spiritual Seeker, the Mystic Student,
one who has dedicated herself or himself to discovering their true nature and relationship with the One.

The 3-sided face of the triangle on the Channeling Crystal symbolizes the integration of body, mind and spirit as they connect with and strengthen the
Seeker (the 7-sided face).

This crystal also symbolizes the numbers 7 and 3, each a strong symbol in its own right.  Seven symbolizes (among other things) a new beginning after
the completion of a cycle; the completion of your former state of level of development; the four Earth elements (often represented by a square) combining
with Spirit (often represented by a circle); and has always been viewed as a particularly healing number.  The number seven also symbolizes Perfect
Order (4+3); Heaven over Earth; the normal cycles of growth; the Great Mother; secret or hidden knowledge; Celestial Harmony; virginity; and the
Nucleus of All That Exists.  The number seven was sacred to several deities, including Apollo, Ares, Artemis, and Osiris.

The number three symbolizes any trinity or triad, a gathering together of spiritual forces (often represented by the triangle); and the process of obtaining
perfection while still within Matter (often represented by a triangle within a square).  Three also symbolizes creative power through unity; growth; forward
and upward movement; synthesis; multiplicity; and the ability to speak Absolute Truth.

Together, the 7 and 3 of your Channeling Crystal add up to the number 10 (7+3), the number of completion which leads you back again to the number 1
and the beginning of a new slightly higher turn on the spiral of your continuing journey.

A Channeling Crystal is an excellent stone to place in a chaotic or disruptive atmosphere since being close to one automatically stimulates the
consciousness of anyone in its immediate vicinity and promotes a stronger desire for truthfulness, serenity, harmony, and the subconscious desire  to get
back on track with the true purpose of any meeting, to do what you came to do.

A Channeling Crystal helps you to attain conscious connection to the ultimate source of your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, allowing you to better
'channel' information from You to you.  Use this crystal as a booster or fine-tuner to align you to your Higher (Source) and Inner Self, and then beyond.

Meditation with a Channeling Crystal can keep you in line with your spiritual goals and help you check your progress along your way.  This crystal should
probably be one of your personal stones and kept away for other people, but use your intuition on that one.


  •        Symbolizes the Spiritual Seeker, the Mystic Student.
  •        Symbolizes Spirit perfecting itself within Matter.
  •        Symbolizes the Seven Cosmic Stages of spiritual development.
  •        Represents the Seven Celestial Tones and Seven Celestial Spheres.
  •        Symbolizes the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit as linked to the Seeker.
  •        The Sage of the Crystal Clan.
  •        One of the true channelling stones (as is a Kyanite blade).
  •        Helps you align more directly to your Higher Self (Source Self) and maintain that alignment.
  •        Stimulates a strong desire for wisdom and integration with the One.
  •        Generates a desire for truthfulness, especially with yourself.
  •        Excellent energy shield.
  •        Boosts any and all consciousness within its immediate environment.
  •        Represents the seven qualities human consciousness must attain and master to access the Total Self.
  •        Activates and connects the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th chakras.
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