Jesus (Sananda) &
                                                              CHRIST  CONSCIOUSNESS
                                                 (aka Unity Consciousness)

            Christ Consciousness means different things to people depending on their background

                             Researching the subject of Christ Consciousness you find the following:

  •    Jesus, Buddah and Krishna were all Christed Beings along with many
                               others who came to show us the way

  •    Christ Consciousness is a level of an ascended being's understanding
                               of themselves

  •    Ascended doesn't mean you have to be off the planet

The second coming is when we all open and receive the knowing that is already inside of us that  we ARE Christed beings.   We are from
the Source and can be no less.  We just haven't activated that connection totally yet and that is what the ascension is all about.  I guess
that blows the original sin theory.

We are here in the Game learning the rules and in the end learn to "think out of the box".  Jesus and the other Christed Beings thought  
"outside the box."

Jesus pointed the way to our direct connection with Source and who we really are.  It has taken us all this time to get it.

That is why the Movie "Matrix" is so fun because it points out the Game.

Whatever our "beliefs" may I suggest that it is best not to "hold a position" on something because tomorrow or even in a split second we
can see things differently.

When we hold a position or a belief - then no other light can come in and we polarize ourselves and can slow our spiritual growth down.

I don't see things the way I did 7 months ago or a week ago.  I just point out things for us to consider and ponder - shaking us up so we
can grow and keep growing.

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