from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Comet Crystals are crystals with a number of tiny crater-like indentations on one or more sides of the crystal ending in a spray trailing behind, resembling
the tail of a comet.

Comet Crystals magnify your capacity to discover and maintain a more realistic sense of your world and your place in it.  Mediating or sleeping with a
Comet Crystal is a great way to reawaken your understanding of what is often meant by “cosmic consciousness”, of getting in sync with the entire
universe, seeing or remembering the “big picture”.  Comet Crystals also remind you nothing in the Universe stands still or can ever remain exactly the
same or unchanged for very long and that things are not always what t6hey appear to be from a distance.

Comets are made of fire, ice, and light, and great symbols in their own right.  They are strong representations of tremendous creative power and energy,
transformation, and cyclic but rapid change.  A comet has almost always been seen as a messenger, a bringer of either good fortune or of strong
warnings.  What they are made up of at their point of origin is definitely not what they are after several trips around our galaxy – just like you.  Your Comet
Crystal can stimulate your own natural psychic awareness so you can decipher your incoming information more clearly and accurately.  


  •  Symbolizes the Fire of Spirit transforming the ice of human complacency
  •  Symbolizes tremendous power and energy rushing at you from above
  •  Represents swift movement, literally burning up the skies
  •  Helps activate your natural psychic awareness
  •  Stimulates tremendous creative energies
  •  Remind you to accept being physical on planet Earth
  •  Aids in understanding what is meant by Universal or Cosmic Consciousness
  •  Stimulates sluggish energy patterns
  •  A good telepathic communication tool
  •  Helps you come to terms with your personal power and your use of it
  •  First rate energy recharger
  •  Good reminder that what goes around always comes back around
  •  Helps in making long-term decisions
  •  Reminds you of the cyclic nature of all things
  •  Good choice during times of rebirth, transition, or transformation
  •  Helps you find your particular place within your own universe
  •  A good reminder that nothing can remain unchanged or the same forever
  •  Remind you that you keep changing as you move forward, and the faster you move, the more you change
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