Crater Crystal
from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

A Crater Crystal is a crystal that at one time had one or more other crystals growing attached to one or more of its sides or its base.  The now-missing
crystal(s) has left behind it a crater-like depression.

Craters symbolize your capacity to detach, let go, and still keep on growing as an individual, even with someone or something important missing from your
life.  Crater Crystals are also excellent symbols of the child who has left home, no longer requiring the parent to support it or give it form, protection, or a
framework on which to grow.  

Craters are good reminders to release your attachment to almost anything, making this a good birthing and rebirthing tool and a good choice when
working with addictions of all kinds.

Crater Crystals also remind you of the multiple characteristics of the Whole Self, and that all thing s must inevitably let go or be let go.  As you’ve probably
guessed by now, Craters are outstanding when working with lessons of non-attachment and letting go.  

Craters are good symbol substitute for cups, and both cups and craters are ancient symbols of the World-Soul as the vehicle of the Higher Self.  They
are both used symbolically to remind us that the individual Soul springs from the World-Soul and is constantly filled, refreshed, and nourished by its
Higher Self.  

Since geophysical craters are formed by swift, violent impacts, a Crater Crystal is also a good reminder that you don’t want to wait until you are hammered
by your outside environment to get the point.


  •        Symbolizes the World-Soul as the vehicle for the individual Soul.
  •        Represents your ability to let go and still remain whole.  
  •        Symbolizes the child or student who has left the nest.
  •        Excellent choice when working with martyrdom and “poor me” lessons.
  •        Recommended for both students and teachers.
  •        Outstanding choice for parents and children.
  •        A good choice for working with addictions of any kind.
  •        Helps you learn to get the point before you get hammered.
  •        Good birthing and rebirthing tool.
  •        Excellent choice during transitions and change.
  •        Good reminder of the multiplicity of the Whole Self.
  •        Excellent choice for any personal inner work.
  •        One of the best for working with non-attachment lessons.
  •        Reminds you to support and nurture always, and then let go.
  •        Reminds you that you have the capacity to continue to grow on your own without the constant support of others.
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