By Beverly Ann Wilson

I am requesting that the following information not be reproduced as this is my first draft in trying to verbalize the following conception. I am giving this
birthing expression to you with your crystal because it's the best reflection of the heart of the work your crystal does. And since your crystal chose you as
its Resonance (a physics term meaning exact frequency match), in my world view it is also a reflection of your expanded work.

Have you ever seen Jody Foster's movie Contact? In it you will find a perfect physical functioning model of how-energetic fields align to create a common
field. If you haven't seen the movie, perhaps you can rent it for the visual experience of what I am about to present.

I am starting with the premise that each number embodies a vibrational frequency. These vibrational frequencies are as distinctive as each interval is in
music. One way of representing this is through the following forms:

Ten is the shift from 01 to 10, and eleven is 01 super-imposed on 10, or dropping the zeros 1 1. Within this super-imposition each stands together as
equals, representing the inception and the completion of this cycle as a total unit. Eleven is the first Master Number, followed by 2 2 , 3 3 , 44 , 5 5 , 6 6 ,
7 7 , 8 8 , and 9 9 .

There is a lot written on the nature of focus and alignment of each Master Number vibrational field. We are enclosing a copy of Melody's presentation of
each Master Number from Love Is In The Earth.

With the number 1 1 1 an exponential shift in numerical interaction occurs. Within the number 1 1 1 there are three Master Number 1 1 intersections
These can be demonstrated as follows 1_1_1.

If we visualize each one of these three individual (1 1) Master Numbers as representing an individual energy field, we begin to approach the mechanism
demonstrated in the movie "Contact". Each field intersects at 90°. The three aligning. Intersecting Master Number fields weave together to create the
energy of a common united field. An example of this is our experience of the physical, where Time, Electromagnetism and the exchange between Energy -
Matter intersect. When three common digits align I call the number a Master Weaver.

I am also starting with the premise that everything in the physical world is an individual or complex frequency expression. These frequency expressions
can be reduced to a specific numerical representation.

With these statements in mind, let's approach your crystal.  

Within the same type of crystal, i.e., Lemurian Crystals, different crystals have different functional work. Some crystals work with planets, some with
galaxies, and some with solar systems within our universe. Other crystals work with universes, dimensions and angelic realms. A Crystal Master Weaver's
"work" will be defined within a specific functional scope, further defined by its governing numerical frequency.

As an example a crystal can be a Dimensional Master Weaver, a Universe Master Weaver, etc.. The refinement of that work is further expressed through
the numerical alignment of its individual 3 digit frequency. A Universe Master Weaver would create an intersecting field of "x x x"
universe-possible-alignments (depending on its Master Number), focusing within the scope of its Master Number frequency.  

The "work" a crystal does sets the field through which its other attributes express themselves:

FACE: i.e., Channeling, Receiver, Generator, ...;
ASPECT: i.e., Phantom, Window, Key, ...;
LESSON: i.e., Empathic, Self Healed, Abundance, ...;
GIFT: i.e., Singing, Rainbow, Devic, ...;
INTEGRATION: i.e., Dolphin, Manifestation, Inner Child ...;
ALL FUNCTION in correspondence with and within the milieu of its defined work and frequency.                                                                       

Let's go back to our experience of the physical. If you extract a micro-second of time, you have a frozen slice of the three dimensional reality we call the
physical world. Now picture a fly flying through the air and see that flight through the fly's perspective. The flight is determined in each second by the fly's
choice of direction. The choice of the previous moment sets up the parameters of the next second's choices. The fly's cumulative second's choices
combine to be the flight path we witness, creating what could be measured as a time flight graph. At each second, or group of seconds, a specific position
could be graphed to express the fly's seemingly random location at that time.

Lost within this simplistic representation of its flight path would be the infinite number of possibilities the fly did not take in each second's choices. Each
not-taken choice would have set in motion a completely different set of directional choices. All of these not-yet-taken possibilities intersect and weave as
the expression of the fly's individual quantum field of possibilities. This field is continually changing and being created by the previous second's choices,
influenced by an infinite number of intersecting possibilities experienced by the fly as it experiences its involvement with its surrounding environment.

Now take this reflection of the fly's evolving individual quantum field, simultaneously intersecting with the myriad of evolving quantum fields of everything
the fly encounters (and doesn't encounter) within the seconds we are observing, and we have begun to enter the unlimited weavings of the Quantum
Field itself.

This expanded observance can be represented numerically in the intersection of four identical digits: i.e., 1 1 1 1 , 2222, 3333, etc.. There is another
exponential shift with this alignment in both its expanded observation and its Master Weaver intersections. The addition of a fourth identical digit doubles
the possible Master Numbers inter-weaving. Remember when three identical digits intersect, three Master Numbers form intersecting fields. When four
identical digits align, six Master Number intersecting fields are formed.     

I call the four identical digits aligning Quantum 'Time' Weavers. (I am placing time in single quotes, because the use of the concept of Time in this context
is allegorically.) Remember how Time exponentially shifts our experience of the physical. The addition of the fourth aligning digit into its six intersecting
fields expands ones involvement within ones individual quantum field into an unlimited interaction of Possibilities, interweaving within a greater quantum
field spectrum. It will help if you think of these multiple Quantum 'Time' intersections holographically.

When the frequency of a crystal is reflected in a four identical-digit alignment, it enters into the spectrum of the Quantum 'Time' Weavers. And, when a
crystal has chosen you as its Resonance, this is also a reflection of your expanded frequency's spectrum. The crystal's functional work will be
encompassed within the Master Number's numerical field, interweaving within its Quantum 'Time' spectrum. Again the various attributes of the crystal are
reflected and live within these parameters.

I have only encountered one crystal and its co-partner that enter into the participation of a five identical-digit alignment. I call this alignment Quantum
Field Weavers. As we each choose to expand our vibrational consciousness in alignment with our individual aspect of Source Consciousness with AII-
That-Is, I am sure I will encounter more of these co-partnerships.

I wish you many Blessings in your work with your Master Weaver.
                                                •                                 •
O •                     •    •                                                      •        •
                                            •        •                            •

ONE                   TWO                 THREE                          FOUR

•                                           •                                      •
•   •   •                                 •         •                            •         •
•                                      •         •                                 •
                                          •                                 •         •

FIVE                                     SIX                              SEVEN

•                                •
•       •                       •         •  
•             •                 •       •       •               • O                     OO
•       •                       •         •
•                                •          

EIGHT                       NINE                     TEN                  ELEVEN
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