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Thank you for the beautiful Divine Blueprint painting and the write-up I got with it.  I look
at it daily.  When needed, I look at it to remember my strength and confidence to help me
through a particular situation.  It connects me to my soul and the wisdom that resides

I was thrilled to receive an email telling me when the "work" would be done and the
painting complete so I knew when it was being worked on and when to expect it in the
mail.  The quality of the painting, the care with which it was shipped, and the associated
words written to explain the painting was well worth the price.

Thanks so much!  I highly recommend this service to everyone.

I was thrilled when my crystal arrived so quickly.  As before, as soon as I touched the box, I
got goose bumps all over.  This is a beautiful and powerful crystal and the incense is the
best around.  I love it, and I just wanted to thank you once again for what you do and for
sending this crystal to me.  Until next time.

In light,
Hey Valerie,

I received my Ane'la Andara crystal and Larimar stone.  I appreciate your sending along the
info on them, the personal note, and the complimentary incense. Excellent customer service!

I was having a really dark night last night and meditated with the Larimar stone and took it to
work this evening in my pocket and have a spectacular day!


Hi Valarie!

Wow!!!  Just found your description pages of stones and crystals.  Now on my and all.  Better than any book.  You and your place is
the absolute best!

Again, huge thanks,


I received my DB this morning (10/09/09) and I felt a sense of peace and wholeness. This
is strikingly beautiful. Something very strange washed over me when I first saw the pine
trees on my painting. A few days before I placed the order, I had a dream in which five (5)
able bodied men came to see me etc, etc, and one of them handed me a sheet of paper on
which was painted eight (8) large pine trees.

I narrated this dream to a friend the very next day. Valerie, you can imagine the look on his
face when I showed him my DB which had several pine trees painted on today. With the
weird look and jaw dropping, he asked, " who the h**l are you?" I just laughed because I
wish I knew the answer.

Thank you so much for allowing yourself to do this great service to mankind. I am truly
Lots of love.
Dear Valerie,

My crystal arrived yesterday safely and I am amazed how powerful the Lemurian Crystals in
pocket size are. Thank you so much.

Many blessings
Hi Valerie,

I just wanted you to know how powerful your painting is. Each time I look at it I feel as though
I am being drawn into it - the setting is so very peaceful, standing in the meadow by the
I know I still have more to get from it - the left pyramid with the ankh is drawing me to it and I
know that the door will open, for me to go inside.

There are no words - but to say a huge thank you.

Love and light

My Dear, Dear Valerie,

awesome. I have looked at my painting and read the reading so many times already
today....each time I get something different.

I looked up the Sisterhood of the Rose on the internet and discovered that it is connected to
Seichim energies, of which I have already been reading about and should be attuned to the
energies soon.....It so makes sense.
I know I will get more and more from this as the days go by and it has so helped me to
understand more about me and everything I can feel.

I have had visions, while meditating, of myself consciously astral travelling to other places in
this world and other dimensions, to heal. I have been unclear of my 'Path' in this life, but I am
totally open to this happening. I don't see myself setting up a practise on the physical
plane....everything you have given me guidance on has really helped me 'to know'

I am so grateful to you Valerie - you really are a true inspiration and have amazing abilities

Sending Love and Light
Dear Valerie,

Today I received my crystals safely. They are all so beautiful. I just said hello and now my
heart overflows with joy and love. This Lemurian Crystal kept calling all the time and finally I
saw myself putting it into the water of the Lake of Constance where I'm living at. How could I
say no! Thank you one more time for those wonderful crystals.

Wishing you love and magic
Hi, Valerie,

I just picked up my Divine Blueprint today and I love it!  It truly is DIVINE!!!  I need to spend
some time with it of course and can't wait to read your interpretation, but the first impression
was AWEsome!!!  Thank you so much.

Kindest Regards,

Got my package and just now opened it, from DNA Alchemy and Valerie.

The shipping label read $11.51, and I was charged only $4.80 for S&H.

Each piece was placed in a velvet bag, then hand-wrapped in many layers of deep purple
paper, then sealed with a label that reads:
"DNA  Lady Nellie (TM) Andara Crystals" then the size/ oz. and identifying # (ex.
Ane-R-754 ) .

On the invoice, Valerie hand-wrote the following: " Dear Isabella,  Thank you for choosing
your Andara Partners. They are very powerful and I know they are in good hands with you.  
On the invoice, Valerie hand-wrote the following: " Dear Isabella,  Thank you for choosing
Many Blessings, Valerie "

Attached was a computer print out of each piece I chose, with pictures and identifying #s to
match, with several pp. of color print out of the different stones and thier properties, including
an update on various stones.

This is integrity.  This is how I live my life and will run any business I am a part of.  

How refreshing!

Bright Blessings,

I received this today and instantly had goosebumps all over my body. I was so excited at my
read all of the information you sent me as well. Thank you!!


Dear Valerie,

I picked up my two parcels yesterday. The crystals arrived safely, as always. They are all so
special and beautiful and I love each of them from my deepest heart. Thank you for bringing
these crystals to me.

Many blessings

Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and my family.  You have opened many doors and
given us insights to our life journeys.  I must say the complexity and the interpretations are
endless.  Like you said the more you study the portrait, the more one can discover the
presents that we were endowed with and need to share with others.

I have another order I want to place to be completed end of November.  Will make sure you
have lots of lead time.

Dear Valerie,

Today I picked up the last part of the Lemurians and they arrived all safely. They are all so
wonderful and for the moment I feel we are complete now.  I love doing the work with all
my Lemurians and I am very glad to have them. Thank you so much for offering those
wonderful crystals. I am quite sure that these weren't the last ones I have ordered.

Wishing you magical times and many blessings,

Hi Valerie,

Your package arrived!  Everything is so beautiful and what fabulous energy!
I really do love your incense sticks. I burn them all the time, they make me feel so good. And
I'm sharing them with my friends too because they really enjoy them as well.

Thank you. And thank you for the crystals. Citrine is one of my favorite crystals and these are
so lovely.

I felt the Puja crystal to be very special the moment I opened it. I've started working with it
already. I'm happy it choose me.

Wow - all your items have such incredible energy.  Thank you so much for making them
available to others to love and include in their lives.

Brightest Blessings,
Dear Valerie,

I received my first parcel yesterday safe and secure. I knew since a few weeks that there are
coming new Lemurian Seed Crystals to me. But I had no idea how incredible and wonderful
crystals you would offer. The Andaras are so wonderful, especially the Divine Fire Andara
and the Lemuriens, they make me vibrate and I love each one of them.
So I am looking forward to the rest of them as I can just feel them, even they are not yet here.

Wishing you love and magical times
Dear Valerie –

I just wanted to write and let you know how delighted I am with my painting and reading!   
Your work is beautiful on so many levels, and I thank you for all the blessings you offer.   I
struggle in various ways with being seen, and it was such a gift to have you see me.  And it
is so exciting to feel called into awareness of how much support I have, and how much is
available to me.   I'm truly grateful for your opening space for me to see and hear this, and I
will certainly be working with the painting on a daily basis letting it wash over me and
remind me of all these things.  Thank you very much.  You have indeed blessed me!

Love and Peace,


I received the crystals and the materials.

The package was really special. Each crystal was wrapped separately with great care. Also
additional printed materials are very helpful

I really appreciate your business!

Thank you!

Hi Valerie,

I got my clear andara today.  thanks for delivering it so fast to CA.  
I've already had a lot of revelations with it about life being much bigger than the little
things we worry about,  and felt tingling on my body,

thanks for the note as well,

After an Eye of Horus Activation Session:

Dear Valerie,

I'd like to thank you for this powerful and beautiful experience..

I still can feel the pressure on my crown.I saw some beautiful colorful patterns(usually I
don't) and from the first seconds when activation started something put a big smile on my
face.And I love Michael,we both have  a strong connection.And exactly 10 minutes I felt
strong pressure on my crown in the beginning.

One more time thank from the bottom of my heart!

Spiritual hugs,
Hi Valerie,

a minute - pain in my legs, then that cleared.  Mother Mary appeared reminding me of our
time together in the temple.  I had a sense of keys unlocking blockages - opening my heart
and my gifts.  At one point I felt my body pulsing, like breath, but it was also my etheric field
moving in and out, and expanding.  There was light coming in opening the heart.  I felt
compelled to lift up my arms and open myself to allow more light to come in.  I felt very
peaceful throughout.  I kept getting glimpses of temple entrance ways.  I had the thought
that I needed to get a Lily of the Valley plant, no idea why.  Near the end of the session, my
head and ears got extremely hot.  Thank you for you gifts.

Peace and blessings,

It has wonderful energy (as does a Lemurian Seed crystal I bought from you a couple of
years ago)

Dear Valerie,

Thank you for your beautiful work. I'd like to let you know that I've received it already, and I
more as life unfolds. (For example, the stuff about the Knights Templar is totally new and
unfamiliar to me. I'm reading more into that :-)

Hi Valerie,
My Ane'la Andara and Rose Quartz Generator arrived yesterday.

I love them.

Feels like I am tuning in more today ... I slept with the Ane'la on my  night table and the
Generator in the prosperity corner of my bedroom.

I'll give it a day or so but am feeling like ordering some more  Andaras. Do you think one
Ane'la is sufficient? I suppose it's a  personal thing. I'll look at the others and feel what

I'm so glad to have found your site. I saw some others selling Andaras  but the Lady Nellie
people confirmed you are the only authorized  distributor in the States!

Thanks for everything.

Hello Valerie,

I appreciate your understanding and customer service.
I sent the crystals back through the USPS a couple days ago.

please let me know when you receive them.

Thanks again and hear from you soon

Hi Valerie,

I got my order and your gift today, thank you very much!

I'd like to order more stones again soon, but I'm wondering when you're going
to update your website for the most current Andara stones available?

Thank You Valerie,

It is a pleasure doing business with an ethical person.

Much, Blessings, Laughter and Love,


Hope this finds you well and happy and a big thank you for  the packages of crystals you've
sent us, they are amazing and are keeping us busy with their wisdom.

We thought we'd email to see if it's possible to buy wholesale and sell here in the Uk, as
we'd love to make these available to people here. Any information or help will be gratefully

Warmest wishes and thoughts


Your package arrived.  All the crystals are absolutely amazing. They are so special - wow -
what powerful energies. I love them all - thank you very much. I'm excited to start working
and honored they chose me as their new keeper.

You packed them with such care too - I appreciate that (also loved the blue and purple
tissue papers and blue bags).

The written information is really helpful. I'm grateful to you for including it all. That was a lot
of printing for you, so thank you. You put so much into everything!

I am really pleased with the crystals and incense. I would like to buy from your website
again really soon.

Thanks again - take care - you're an Angel.

Love and Light Always,
After an Eye of Horus Activation Session:
Thank you so much, I saw faces and things I didn't understand but I know it was shone to
me for a reason.

I had a blast , I am recommending this to  family members.

Dear Valerie,

today I received my crystals all safe and secure. Thank you so much. I just regarded them
in the light of the sinking sun, they are so incredible and beautiful and I have no words to
describe what I feel in my heart. I feel so familiar with my Lemurians and I love each one of
them. With great joy I am looking forward to say hello to my new ones. Wishing you good
times full of magic, love and rainbows

Hi Valerie:

Thanks for this information concerning the shipping of this crystal.   The first Lemurian
crystal I purchased from you several weeks ago has triggered many extraordinary things
in my life.

I am a sculptor working on a large sculpture installation inspired by the orbital patterns of
the 83 naturally occurring elements in the Periodic Table and their relationship to Plato's
view of Sacred Geometry.  This project came to me as a vision two years ago.  

Researching and working on creating it has taken me on the most extraordinary journey,
specifically in the mineral kingdom.  Extraordinary crystals have been arriving from all over
the world to assist me with this project, and it has been quite remarkable to say the
The more I open my heart to all of this the more the crystals seems to come to assist with
this work.  This work directed me to your site.  Every time I have placed an order  I get an
excited feeling.   I am wondering if it has to do with the specific powerfulness of the
crystals I am selecting.

I was working in my studio yesterday and received a very strong message to go to your
site. I seem to be continually directed to certain a Lemurian crystal.  Every time I dowse it
indicates it is a powerful crystal for me and this project.

Yesterday, the message was to dowse Ane'la Crystals, which I was not familiar with
before finding your site.  When I dowsed the crystal I just purchase,  the pendulum swung

The energy of the crystals on your site keep drawing me to them, and seem different from
other crystals I have purchased before. I find myself very drawn to them.

With gratitude and blessings,
Hi Valerie:

My extraordinary Lemurian Crystal Partner arrived yesterday.  Thank you for the loving care
you provided in packing this crystal for it's journey to the Virginia.   What an incredible
crystal being he is!  Thank you also for all the wonderful materials you have sent.  They
are quite informative.

With much gratitude and many blessings,
Hi Valerie,

My beautiful Andara crystals have arrived today - thank you for mailing them so quickly,
also for the incense and for including the print outs of the properties etc.  I was going to
print those exact same pages myself but hadn't got around to it yet, so now I don't have to!

until I came across them on an Australian crystal site two or three weeks ago and I was
drawn to them immediately.  I then searched on the internet for information about them
and finally (thankfully!) landed on your website.  I guess it would have been quicker to buy
from the Australian site, but those crystals seemed very expensive for the size - they were
These are my first Andara's and they certainly won't be my last!  I had never heard of them
about the same price as the ones I bought from you but much smaller, also I have no
These are my first Andara's and they certainly won't be my last!  I had never heard of them
idea where they came from or how genuine they are.

Anyway, I am extremely happy with the two that came from you, the Ane'la particularly is
magnificent!  I took them both outside in the sunlight, the Ane'la did indeed seem to
become illuminated from within, glowing with a silver/white light which continues even
though it is not now in the sun.

I will definitely be back for more, I'll just have to take some time to decide what I really
want - which will be difficult!  I would like more Andara colors, but I love the Ane'la so
much that I may just wait and save up to buy a big one...  we'll see........

Thanks for your time in reading all this!


Thank you very much for the Fire Andara!!!  I did not expect this wonderful gift.  As I try to
imagine its energy the word "radiating" comes to mind.  I am excited to see in print (Divine
Blueprint)  my road map of life's journey.  I realize I am presently living my journey.  It's
special to have someone else use another medium to create a personal interpretation of
me. :)  

I have been blessed to have met and spoken with you long distance.  Perhaps you and I
maybe part of the same soul group.  I look forward to your assistance through your words
of encouragement, honesty, and love.  I wish you continued success of your practice to
touch others' hearts through your artistic and creative works.

Angel's Love and Blessings,
Dear Valerie

andaras 6 or 7 years ago when in mt shasta...quite special...

Thanks for the quick response.  I am looking forward to her (new Andara Crystal) arrival.

Be well.
Hello Valerie,

I've received the Andaras today and they are all beautiful !!

Thank you very much.

All the best from Paris.

recommend your website to all of my friends.  Thanks again!

Best Wishes,

Just a note to let you know my Crystal came yesterday.  Thank you very much. My
daughter order hers yesterday and is looking forward to receiving it.

I am taking mine to a oneness blessing this afternoon, (secretly). No one will know she
is with me. Unless, she wants to be known.

Thanks again ,

Dear Valerie,

Today I picked up my crystals at the customs. They are all safe and I welcomed them
this afternoon and I am so glad to have them here.

I bought two other Lemurian Seed Crystals in December, one I gave to a friend of mine, I
knew it was hers from the moment I ordered it, and the other is an archangel Michael
and archangel Chamuel crystal.

In January on the morning of the solar eclipse it fell to the ground and a piece of the
Chamuel end broke off. I was so shocked and I couldn't take it for a week. This was the
only time I didn't work with it. I love this crystal from the deep of my heart and it is really a
part of me.

So I'm looking forward to work with these wonderful crystals that came to me. When I
said hello to them this afternoon I knew I would like them as much as I like my first

Thank you so much for those wonderful crystals.

Love and rainbows
Valerie, hi I just a quick note to tell you how much I adore my Andaras.

I hate to leave them at home so pick one to carry in a little bag daily and always the
oracle in my pocket.

Some interesting things: I feel a profound connection to the Camelot Campagne one.  
She has changed to almost clear like a diamond but today she was shooting intense
purples and blues at me,,my hands have been bright red all day  holding my new green  
one all day too,,they feel like they're on fire.

Also last night I could not find my white one and was panicking,,,it seemed to just
disappeared and than it just seemed to reappear.  I was walking the other day and took
my green one with me and was inspired to lick him too and a few minutes later my heart
hurt ,,,, a very sharp pain  but only for a moment..... my daughter came over today and
she said "mom you look like your glowing."  Mind you, I have been collecting rocks from
the first pet rocks back in the 70s,,,but have never felt this  deep affection.  I've adored
and worn lots of  moldavite for the last 20 years but still did not feel the affection, per se.  
I liked the buzz.  

Well, just sharing with you some of the adventures.  The beautiful and perfect journey
continues, thank you Valerie!
Love and Light
After receiving a Divine Blueprint Painting:

Hi Valerie!

I got the composite painting today.  How very beautiful it is... I love the world held in the
tree especially, for my half-sister. It is interesting to see how they really are three
distinct beings with separate soul paths even though they have remained such a tight,
reclusive nuclear family for three decades.  Thank you so very much for this special

Many thanks again, and much Love!


I got my divine blueprint yesterday! It is so beautiful. I'm so glad I decided to 'go for it' I
was in awe of it the whole night. I can't stop looking at it or reading the soul matrix
reading. You hit so many things that people have told me over the years right on the
head!!! Little bits and pieces have all come together in one place! In addition, I like that
you didn't interpret every single symbol, there are some there for me to interpret, and
(although I didn't do it consciously) I did that last night with one of them.

It is ironic that I am reading a book about connecting with the arcturians and way in the
back they have the symbol they call the 'sacred triangle' it is a circle with a triangle
superimposed on it. That is the same symbol that you drew on the left side of my
painting!! I could not believe it! I had to do a double take because I have two triangles
and circles. One has the triangle over the circle, the other one (on the right) has the
circle inside the triangle.

This blueprint really is a part of who I am on a spiritual level huh.  LOL!!  
So happy with it..  Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with me. This is life
changing for me because it affirms who I really am and more that is yet to be

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Wow I was shaking when I opened my new Andaras., I LOVE them BOTH!! and they are
her,,but my goodness.  She is remarkable.  I've been feeling her coming and it was
such a gorgeous day here and I have been working in my gardens.  And  the green
Andara, WOW  the colors shooting from him.

I'm so ecstatic  to have them here,thank you for providing them,,Ive been looking for
them for years.!!  

Love and Light,
Hi Valerie,

Just a short email to let you know that I received my treasures this morning. I am
delighted with these crystals and the Larimar has already found a home (in my bra).
LOL. The energies of the crystals is wonderful and I feel truly blessed that they have
come to my stewardship.

I was waiting to feel your energy via the crystals before I ordered the Divine Blueprint/The
Matrix Of The Soul reading. I had felt connected to you just through our emails but waited
anyway for confirmation through your touch on the stones. I will be ordering the reading
in just a few moments.

Again, thank you for these loving companions and aids.


Thank you very much for my sister's blueprint.  I talked to her yesterday and she said it
was beautiful.  She said it made her heart chakra really come alive and she felt like
crying.  She also said that when she looked at it she saw unicorns, which is the kind of
energy I've always seen around her. So she also says thank you.
I am not surprised about the painting being similar, we are twins and I had wondered if
that would come out in our blueprint.  Several months ago when I did a reading of her
energy I sensed that we had very similar origins.  Plus we've known about our shared
past lives for a few years, she was always saying how she was my protector in one life
which is probably where the Templars energy comes from.

She was so excited when she received the package and I think this will help her realize
her full potential.   She told me the information that you had written and it definitely
describes what I've always told her about her energy.  We always joke about her never
noticing anything negative because she's surrounded in this bubble by angels that just
bounce everything away, so all the angel energy you mentioned was very accurate.

Thank you so much for the beautiful painting and reading.

Love and Light
J. & R.

I appreciate your personal note with my purchase of the Ane'la Andara Crystal that I
received today.  

I am not as attuned as you are to their energies and I still felt like I needed to 'check
them out' and purchased it the minute I saw it.

Nice touches!  You make the gift special.  I had sort of forgotten it is my birthday next

A special thanks for your beautiful website and directions for crystal 'healing' uses too.  
I sure can use some direction.


I hope all finds you well....  Just a note to tell you that the Ane'la Andara Crystal that I
have has begun to vibrate from time to time.  I had it in my pocket and it started to
vibrate..I thought it was the cell phone and took it out to my surprise it was the crystal!  I
just had to tell you because I have never had that happen to me before with any
crystals!  Wow!

Blessings and Light
Hi Valerie!

Just to let you know that I received my Andara crystals today! Many many thanks! They
are superb...

I'll buy others very soon

Best regards
C.   :)
The three unbelievable crystals arrived safely today.  Thank you so much for shipping
them so quickly!  I adore them all; you should have seen me holding them with tears of
joy and incredible communications happening between us this afternoon! Two of them
are supposed to be special gifts for my special sister; I hope I can bring myself to give
them up!

The pages of information you include with each crystal are fantastic as well, thank you.

Love, light and abundant blessings to you,
Thanks a lot Valerie

I am very happy with my purchase :)

Have a good day

Best regards
Dear Valerie,

I received the Lemurian Seed Crystals today, they are beautiful!  

Thank you so much for including their info and their purple pouches of perfection. That
was so thoughtful. I can feel what a kind person you are, it has been my pleasure doing
"business" with you. Thank you for connecting me with them. The larger one is for my
close friend, for our journey here together.  

Love and Light,
Dear Valerie,

I received my pocket size dolphin lemurian yesterday! Thank you so much.

I have to say I felt so much love and grace wrapped up in that precious little package
and I was in such joy. What a beautiful person you are and a loving steward for these
fascinating and lovely lemurian crystals. How lucky we are- humans and lemurian
seeds to have you!

Thank you too for all the print-outs on the attributes. I had carefully selected the crystal-
size and look were irrelevant. I sensed I wanted pocket size yet I looked at them all to
feel for a connection. The dolphin I chose is already connecting and speaking to me. A
while and reveal it's magic. I had sensed to pass that one on to a friend and didn't want
to part with it yet didn't resist and was without a lemurian seed for a while. Now I have
one again and I love it!

Lots of love and blessings,

Dear Valerie,
The AMAZING crystal has now joined me and it is like a long, lost friend. Thank you for
loving it so well while you had it. The tissue paper smells so nice, I think I'll keep it a
while, too. :)

The session last night was remarkable...I did have a sense a very loving surgery was
being done by others who came to the foreground as you held an opening, as you said.
I saw golden beams of light at one point in the shape of a big cross. Other than that, it
was all music I heard and then   I drifted off  to sleep and  awoke feeling twenty pounds
lighter, extremely calm and very humbled.

Your reading was right on about the connection to Mother Earth and it was fun to learn
more today about Isis, Hathtor and Metatron whom you say I am working with.... Perfect.
I'm a children's singer/songwriter who writes songs about re-connecting with nature.
The Native American influence is very much a part of it and you picked up on that as
well. I also do research and development work around DNA and the healing power of
music and the human voice.( Googling DNA is how I found you...)

This afternoon I received word that after 9 months of no offers, my home that was badly
damaged in a flood last spring, was sold to a developer who can fix it up again.  
Somehow, I believe that was part of the 20 pound burden that lifted during the session. I
believe in miracles. Thank you for helping to facilitate one.

Many blessings. May your ministry continue to prosper.

Dear Valerie,

We received the 2012 Crystals and love them.  Also, we really enjoyed the incense...
liked that scent,

Do you sell them by the pack?  If so please send with the new 2012.

Thank you very much.
Hi ya!

Thank you so much!  I just recieved the Anela Andara Stone.  It is beautiful.  It made me
buzz like someone had touched me with a high voltage wire.  It was almost like
someone "flipped a switch" if you will.

Thank you for the little note and incense.  That was very sweet of you.

This stone is the most amazing one I have and I have a few! lol....Truly a treasure.  

Thank you for making them available to us.

Blessings and Light to you and yours!
Hi Valerie
I have been encouraged just to pass on a message from the Angels : "

They thank you for your support and encouragement in assisting me with
this special Lemurian "

My Kindest regards
Dear Valerie,

Thank you for making these beautiful souls (Andara Crystals) available :)


Thank You So Much Valerie.
You are a great help to many of us.

After an Eye of Horus Activation:

Hi Valerie,

Thank you so much for the session!  I had a wonderful light display in my third eye
chakra - Lots of blue, ringed by a circle of bright yellow light.  At one point everything
went blank and I had a very soothing cloud materialize for a few minutes - and then
large, not too large, dots of orange light seemed to be punctuating across my inner eye.  
I feel so magic and warm from your description and very, very relaxed from whatever
wonderful treatment you gave me!  

Thank you and may you have great joy this week!

Dear Valerie,

Wow… all I can think about is that delightful stick of incense you sent to me!! *laughs*  I
love my stones of course… but I want some of that incense… can you tell me what it is,
so that I might find some for myself please?

Anyway, Valerie… thank you so much for your care with my order; I especially
appreciated seeing the picture and data on each!  What a great idea! I was trying to copy
it for myself, but it was not nearly as nice as what you did for me.

And the wonderful scent of the incense as I opened the package was a lovely tease for
my nose.   

Thanking you again….
Hi Valerie,

I received my Lemurian friend yesterday. (beautiful!)   What a treat to smell the incense
before I even opened the box!

Thank you for your kind attention to my order.  I'm very excited to have it.

With gratitude

Thank you for shipping so promptly and for the beautiful work you do as a connector.

Blessings to you,
Hi Valerie,

Thanks for the healing session, I certainly felt the energies, although as you say not as
zapping intense as the EOH.  

Do you think all reconnective healers see Angels and Ascended  Masters or is this a

After an Eye of Horus Activation:

Thank you Valerie.  I feel so good this morning I really needed that last night!   I will be in
touch is this something that we do periodically?


I absolutely adore my Lemurian.  I also have purchased an Andara and Ane'la from you
as well as two 2012 crystals (one for myself and one for my brother).  Simultaneously, I
bought a Pietersite crystal skull (who had been in the presence of Synergy, as well as
a "diamond pendulum" from a website; it's brass and has a double pyramid shape
and is touted as being the most responsive and accurate pendulum out there, due to
the shape, material and weight.  

So now I have all these crystals.  Well, today I busted out my pendulum to test the
powerful; the pendulum goes wild (clockwise).  Next is my 2012, followed by Jazzy, my
crystal skull.  The Andara and Ane'la are funny though.  The Ane'la has a smooth, slow,
gentle clockwise spin but the fire Andara has a counterclockwise spin.  What are your
thoughts on this?  I even tried to make it spin the 'normal' way like all it's friends :)  I am
aware that dowsing is simply letting your subconscious ever-so-gently move your hand
to make the pendulum spin in the direction and intensity that it senses from a given
object, but any idea why I got the results I did?  Another thing also; with my Lemurian,
the energy seems to be more widely distributed (big clockwise circles) whereas the
2012 seems to want to spin in alignment with the crystal (if I turn the crystal the eliptical
spin will follow it's polarity.)

I appreciate what you do and your time, so thank you in advance :)

Hi Valerie!

Today I had a big surprise!  The crystals I ordered on Sunday arrived!   So fast!!!

But the biggest surprise is their beauty!!!!!    Their strong energy!!!   And i believe the
Lemurian star seed crystal will be one of my favorites, especially because of all those
rainbows and inclusion.  And such a strong,lovely energy!

All the information you gave about the crystals is great.   I appreciate it very much!

Thank a lot and many blessings!
Hi Valerie -

Just wanted you to know that my 2012 crystal arrived today & it's just wonderful!

Take care,

Hi Valerie,

I wanted to let you know that I received both of my orders, the 2012 crystal, the Ane'la
Andara, and the 3 Andara stones.  

Thank you for packing them all with such love and care.  I look forward to working with
these beautiful Andara's and the crystal and I am excited to discover what our work is

Thank you for making all these crystals available to those who are drawn to them and
for all the other work that you do!


Whoopee, the crystals have arrived and I wanted to comment on how nicely they were
packaged. I loved getting the supporting documents and the incense was a lovely

I've been emailing Mary Martin several times today and she said to let you know that
we know one another. Mary suggested I call you to get a specific crystal that's right for
me and I'm sure that which ever one came it choose me and it's perfect.

I've told several high vibrational healers, on the level of Mary, about the crystals with
the hopes they purchase one, or more, from you.

To your success and happiness!
Hi Valerie,

Thank you for your kind words & I look forward to working with these beautiful crystals.
Each one of these had a wonderful crystaline spirit that I could see from the photos.

I have been listening to your meditation CD's & they have been very helpful. My
favourite is the temple of light meditation.

Thank you for all of your help to share the love & light.

Warmest wishes

Hi Valerie,

Thank you so much for my beautiful crystal. It arrived safely yesterday.
Please can you tell me the fragrance of the incense stick you put in with the order? I
should know it but it eludes me!!!  

Dear Valerie,

them very much. Thank you so much. I wish you a merry Christmas and a good start
into the year 2009.

Love and rainbows
After an Eye of Horus Activation Session:


Thank you soooo much for your help.  I felt love the whole time - as if in a gentle sea.
Thanks for all you are helping with here and all you do....I am honored to have been
worked on by you...thanks and love.

Dear Valerie,

Thanks so much for the speedy service. I'm eager to work with the crystals.

Valerie, I have a simple question to ask. Is there a recommended way to use the
crystals? Do I hold them in my hands when I meditate? Do I sleep with them under my
pillow? Do I tuck them into my bra? I just was wondering if you've found one method
that's more effective than another.

With gratitude,
Dear Valerie,

It really WAS the perfect crystal!  That is my perfect-sized crystal I like to work with.  
More than that, I had told you I had another Andara with rutile in it (there are 2 lines).  It
was a gift I was given and to my surprise it was a lighter hue of the Ane'la I received
today from you AND the one I received from you is starting to grow it's OWN rutile line!  
It's very faint and hard to see - you have to hold the crystal just right, but it's there just
like the one I already had.  It's like the two must have been in the same patch with one
another as none of my other Andaras have lines like that in them.  

with my existing Andara family.

Again thank you so much.  The pouch you sent it in was amazingly beautiful.  I was
very honored.

Much love and light your way,

Thanks Valerie,

It's a wonder you can keep up with everything you do.

I appreciate you!

Love and blessings,

Thank you so much.  I received the crystal and it is just wonderful.  I feel its energy
already, and have placed it under my pillow, and brought it to work.  I plan on
meditating with it as well.  It was also so wonderfully packaged and presented.  The
purple velvet sack is great to protect it.  And nag champa is my favorite incense!

Thanks again, and I am sure I will be visiting your site again soon.
Greetings Valerie,

The pendants have arrived!  I am so excited!  Again, my thanks for your work in making
these Andaras available! Wishing you & yours a most de-lightfull season for magic &

Many Blessings,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Andaras.  With each order you have included an
incense stick, what fragrance is it?  

Thank you,
After The Reconnection energy session:
Hi Valerie,

I have to tell you, what you did for me today was the BEST Christmas gift I could've
received!  I had some interesting experiences.  First, I felt like I was shown
METATRON'S CUBE a few times or something like it.  I also saw a man with white hair
and big blue eyes looking over me and it seemed like he was part of a team doing
something to me!

Then I felt so much! I have long hair and I have a lot of hair and it was lifted off my head
three times!  Twice just certain pieces of it were lifted but at one time, all of my hair
was lifted straight up and I felt tremendous energy around my entire head, not just the
one point, was shown a cliff overlooking beautiful water and I was in a bridal gown
next to my eternal soul mate, who is not on earth and it looked like a wedding!  I did
not expect to see that.

I heard a lot of voices during the procedure and I wasn't trying to channel but heard
many conversing and saw a sort of a circular form with bright blue lights through it and
they called it a "grid."  It was amazing, I have never felt such energy!

Thank you so much!

Many Blessings,

I LOVE the 2012 crystal! So far, I feel chilled with it. (Mary, we were wondering if it
would calm me bringing me to zero point.) Donna, a friend of mine saw me today. I
was holding the crystal, and she came up to me and told me I was glowing.

When I unwrapped the crystal, the memory of holding my grandson for the first time
came to me. He smiled at me, and I felt the message, "So, there you are." I felt the
same thing with this crystal. I also felt I was home.

Many thanks!

My Dear Valerie,

I have no words to thank you for been such a special mediator in this magnificent step
in my life.  I’m still shaking and tiers are still flowing from my eyes.

I just cannot believe that I have been honored by all these ascended masters, angels,
archangels and all the light beings that assisted us today. I just feel so sorry that still
don’t have the ability to see them even if I can feel their energies around me. I cannot
identify them nor have the vision that you have. I just hope it will come soon.  I still feel
that I have not done anything special to deserve all the gifts and blessings that I have
just received.

I still don’t understand what is going on, but the work done today, the presence of so
many masters and gifts that I received with your help is just the beginning of the work
that I will be meant to do on Earth on this difficult time coming.

I will need some of days to unfold and swallow all this information that is way beyond
my understanding at this point, but I’m sure it will clear out soon.  I just hope to count
with your assistance and help during this special journey.

I will be back with you as soon as I put together all the pieces of this huge puzzle.  I am
immensely grateful with you!!

Many, many Blessing, Light and Love,

A big hug,

Hi Valerie,

I received my crystal last Friday and it's been keeping me company.  I know we will
have many fun adventures!  Thank you for your help and

Hi Valerie,

I can't thank you enough for my Divine Blueprint.  Even without the symbolism and
meaning it is an extraordinary work of art.  Absolutely beautiful, I love it.  I know that I
will gain extreme insight and clarity as a result of your gift to me.

Thank you again,
Dear Valerie,
Thank you for the crystal information you sent along with my order and thank you for
the incense.

I really appreciate it.

Dear Valerie,

I retrieved the Blueprint from the custom's office last Thursday and have received
information that the crystals have arrived there, too, today.

Let me just say that the painting is soooo powerful!   I am so very grateful for your
insights. Although most of it was familiar, I knew that your broader view would make a
difference - and it does!!!

So, my sister Annette also wants her Blueprint painted. I will order it through your
website today.

Thank you again,
Dear Valerie,

The Lemurian crystals have arrived! The energy sure is breathtaking...

Thank you for providing so much detailed information - it really makes a difference
knowing more about these wondrous gifts. All of the crystals immediately identified
the person they wanted to go to, all women who are close friends of mine. There was
no doubt whatsoever. What remarkable clarity the Lemurian crystals inspire!

My Mom's dog has a physical problem, so I will use the crystal in a healing session
for the first time. I really am quite excited about it and yet, at the same time, I have a lot
of respect for the awesome power this crystal emanates. Well, I will keep you posted.

Again, let me express my deep-felt gratitude for providing God's gifts to us who are at
the front of the ascension process. It will be interesting to see the events unfolding
which will be triggered by the Lemurian crystals. I will try to observe how my friends
are doing - and what is changing with myself and with them during the coming
months. No doubt, it will be a lot. So I feel deeply blessed to be a part of this
process and being able to share my joy with others who are like-minded.

Have a great weekend! I will be in touch when there are news to report.
Many blessings to you!
Love, B.
Hi Valerie!

Thanks so much for the beautiful Lemurian crystal.  And I love how you wrapped it and
the velvet pouch in came in!

Much Love,
Dear Valerie,

them very much.  Package was no problem in the customs.  I am extremely grateful
for your kindness.  Thank you again for your consideration.

Best regards,

Dear Valerie,

How true about the andaras opening new dimensional doorways--that is exactly
how it feels right now with my life.

Please feel free to post my experience on your website. I haven't seen very
many people sharing their experiences, or have I missed the testimonials?
I'll check your website again and look.

Hope you had a wonderful business trip. Make it home safely!

Love, Light & Blessings,

Thank you!  I received my beautifull Andara today.  It  is amazing that I can receive My
Andara  so fast!!    I ordered  on friday and received on monday!!!  I can not believe
this!!     The Andara which I received is so beautifull!!
I am looking for a Lavender Andra & Pink Andra.  If you have those color sometime
Thank you very much!

I am so happy!!  

Hi Valerie,

I received the lemurian crystals yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you for taking
the time to package them so nicely!   I really appreciate the added details.  :)

It was great to also receive all of the information about their potential. I'm enjoying all
that I have and continue to learn about these crystals.

Thanks again... It was a pleasure working with you and I will continue to browse your
website for items in the future.

Have a peaceful & pleasant day!

Thank you so much, Valerie.
I've just completed the order.  I'm looking forward to this experience.
Thank you for being so helpful.

Dear Valerie,

I received my crystal and I just want to let you know I am very pleased.

It is so strange that I bought it as a gift and now I don't want to part with it.   As I was
ready to wrap it I felt this overwhelming sadness. There is no way I can give it away.
What is going on here?   I know nothing about Lemuria.  I have a lot of research to do.

I also would like to know what was the incense you included with the crystal? It was
very church like.

Thank you,
Dear Valerie,

I received the item which you sent on August 2 today.  Thank you for very quick
shipment!  The Items is all wonderful!

I was overwhelmed by high wave motion power!!!

I have to thank you Valerie.  Thank you for your effort.  Thank you from the bottom of
my heart.

Thanks a million!:))  I would like to keep in touch with you.:)

Have a Happy Week-end!!!

Sincerely yours,
R.(in Japan)
Dear Valerie,

Thank you for sending the Andara Crystals I asked.  I've just received them this
morning. The detailed information you enclosed with them is very helpful. I appreciate
your kindness.

Best regards and Mahalo,

Dear Valerie.

I've just received the Ane'la and Andara crystal that I had ordered.  They are very
beautiful and I love them.  Thank you.


Dear Valerie,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my painting. It's even more beautiful
than I had imagined. Thank you so much.

Lots of light and love,

For making these amazing cystals -- wonderful pictures -- and information about their
history and character available -- this is my first crystal and you are right -- "it comes
into your life and chooses you."

Upon waking after a lovely deep sleep --  I found myself back at your site this morning
-- captivated by the other crystal that spoke to me last night -- L-19-G52.    

Though "I thought" I should just start with one -- I was unable to resist the second.

Thank you again for your work and your wonderful service.  I now look forward to
having 2 Lemurians.  It seems I have much work to do :)


I received the Ane'la crystals I ordered just today.  They arrived safe and sound.  
Thank you for processing my order quickly.  I didn't expect them to come so soon.

The Ane'las are all very beautiful and powerful.  I really love them.  

Could you tell me if Ane'la crystals like the sun ?  Is it OK to put them in the sun for
charging ?

I might want to get some more Ane'la crystals, so I'd appreciate it if you could keep
me posted about them.

Thank you.


Dear Valerie,
I received crystals safely on August 6 and August 7.  They are beautiful and powerful, I
love them very much.  Anela's package was no problem in the customs.
I am extremely grateful for your kindness.

Thank you again for your consideration.

Best regards,
Valerie --

I recieved my Lemurians last evening and they accompanied me to meditation class
last night.  :)

Thank you so much for the enclosed information and the beautiful pouches that they
arrived in.  

I'll be using the incense today to clear them and my environment.  

Thank you for bringing them into my life --

I received "Ane'la Crystal Ane-10-G10" safely on July 31.
It is very beautiful, and I love it very much.
Thank you for everything.

Best regards,
I knew the day the lemurians arrived for they were singing to me.

I am so happy to work with their power & look forward to many healing sessions.

Thank you so much
Many Blessings

Dear Valerie,

My ane'la and andaras arrived safely on July 24th.  Thanks for well packing.
They are very beautiful and powerful.

I love them very much.

Will you add other new ane'la and andara in web shop shortly?

Best regards,

I was amazed when I received my Divine Blueprint in the mail.  It's even more the Isis
and the goddess energies since I believe in some Earth Religion practices and the
use of the elements in creating and balancing our lives.  The "Truth" book affects me
on a few levels, including the truths found in relationships, both with myself and

I like all of the symbols for eternal life and keys or windows into knowing the ancient
ways.  I want to explore that further and probably need to let it sink in to understand
what I think it really means to me.  The threads that run from Spirit to Earth help to
remind me that what I do and who I really am are connected to a higher power.  I'm to
do my energy work, and spread happiness and love to others here on Earth.

The painting is so beautiful!  Thanks so much for doing this.  I look at it every day and
this helps me to remember how I want my way of being to be...

In love and light,
Hi Valerie,

I received my Lemurian on Saturday! talk about sprit providing me what I need,
WOW. when I pick up the package my felt tingeling, then when it was open I felt light
headed and swayed - I only had a few minutes at home, I had to leave when I was
in my car I felt swaying, not dizzy but WOW. last night and today have been amazing!
Thank you.
Aloha Valerie,

I am getting astounding results from the combined use of the andaras and the 2012
crystals.  (Of course, the stellar energies are so amped up I'm not sure what the source of
my accelerated clearings and revelations are,) but I am very much enjoying life in the fast
lane of spiritual empowerment! I've been clearing/re-wiring my DNA for 20+ years now, and
it's finally getting so much easier to really do some powerful releasing.  Hallelujah!

Thanks again for all your wonderful work.


Hi Valerie,

I often have slept with my 2012's and then sometimes I wake up in the morning and it's like
having a download of information. Now the thought has occurred to me, if what is happening
is that there's all kinds of input and memories of information, and then the 2012 comes
along and rearranges the information or connects the dots and therefore it presents it all
cleaned up and in a neat presentation. It's been interesting.

All the best, P.

PS. One day I found a couple of tiny snippets of rainbow in the base of one of the crystals. It
was a sweet surprise.

Hello, ..just wanted share some of my gratitude for my new forgotten mineral friends

I received the crystals and all i can say is wow!  When i opened the box i felt a rush of energy
the most appropriate meditation for my next quantum leap of faith into the 11:11 portal...that's
for sure! These are glorious moments of time that we are all living in and sharing!


Every night I am going to read more and more. I can't believe how much you have added. Your
web site will be my school of choice for a while. I wish I didn't have to work so I could spend
the whole day on it.

Be ordering again soon I hope
Hi Valerie,
I hope one day I will be able to meet you.  I can't seem to stay of your site and I don't want to
stay off it.   I want to learn so much. I wish you weren't so far.

Thank you and I can't wait for my next package.

Dear Valerie,

Your crystals have safely arrived. They are miraculous!

With love and light from Vienna

Greetings Valerie,

Thank you so much! There are no words I can say to tell you what a wonderful and beautiful
service you offer to this world by sharing your amazing gifts.

As soon as I received the package I read my reading and felt so at ease. What the reading
said confirms many flash backs and dreams I have had my entire life. When I opened my
painting I was bought to tears by the beauty of it, and the resonance I felt. Thank you!

I could not wait to show my mother hers (it was suppose to be a Christmas Present..:) ) She
loved it. I will be ordering from you again soon another Divine Blueprint Painting & Matrix Soul
Reading for my sister!

I want to send you infinite blessings and love, the world is much more beautiful when there
are beings like you that see through the illusion!

Blessings, Love and light!

Hello Valerie,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful small crystals I recently ordered from you. Its
surprising that such small things are connected to such a large source of energy. I am very
happy with my purchase.

Thank you.


From Comments Form:

I simply just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service! Truly #1!!


Thank you so much for the information you provided and the wonderful activation.

I had a great deal of pressure around my head in the beginning which lasted quite a long
time. There was also a lot of vibration in my legs especially my feet. I saw like a landscape
came back I sensed an eye shaped layer over my third eye.

That is all the info I have. It was wonderful.



I just received my Lemurian Seed Crystal, No. L535. Wow I never expected to receive it so
quickly, thank you so much!

Also, not only is this probably the most powerful I've held or at least strongest resonating
crystal...its seems to be perfectly sculpted to be held in either of my hand.

From what you say, it probably was sculpted for me, lol.

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude. Love and Light to you Always! -K
Hey Valerie,

I'm addicted to my DB(Divine Blueprint)!   Spent about 45 min the other day staring at it and
felt a strong sense of peace, my heart chakra was kicking a hole through my chest.

Impressive work!   

Thank you.
Dear Valerie,

My crystals have arrived today. They are beautiful! and I am very happy to have them.  
Thank you for crystals and information. I wish you a lot of light, love and wisdom in your life.  

With Love

L. C.
Czech Republic
Hi Valerie,

Thank you for providing this wonderful crystal. I will keep spreading the light and thank you
for spreading the light to all. Many Blessings!

Dear Valerie,

Thank you so much for this incredible DNA activation [Eye of Horus Activation]. I still can't
believe how accurate your report is about me and my purpose in this incarnation. I came to
Earth to impart knowledge and wisdom indeed, and everyday I get a clearer idea of how this
will be materialized. Actually, I'm working on a new website which will become my first
platform to accomplish my mission. When it's operative and online, I would love to do some
"website partnerships" with yours. Maybe we can put banners or links to each other's
website, or something like that. I'll keep you informed if you are interested.

Love & light to you,

Hi Valerie,

Thank you so very much for performing the EOH Activation on me. I am very honored that
you did this for me.  Your details of what happened are so incredibly beautiful - actually
words can't describe how they make me feel.  I was meditating for the whole hour - I did feel
and see some things but nothing close to what you were able to see.

Thank you again for the EOH activation. I keep reading and re-reading your email. There
were so many beautiful energies and so much happened. Very powerful. .... making it such
a magnificent experience for me.

Love and Light,

(EOH Activation)

I am truly AMAZED right now. I really don't know how else to explain this feeling I feel.
AMAZEMENT AND AWE! I want to deeply  thank you for what you have done for me, Valerie.
My life will NEVER be the same! After the session, I wrote down my impressions. Then I
read what you wrote and tears, tears, tears. Again AMAZING!!!! WOW!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! Valerie!!!!!!

Dear Valerie,

Thank you so much for this incredible DNA activation [Eye of Horus Activation]. I still can't
believe how accurate your report is about me and my purpose in this incarnation. I came to
Earth to impart knowledge and wisdom indeed, and everyday I get a clearer idea of how this
will be materialized. Actually, I'm working on a new website which will become my first
platform to accomplish my mission. When it's operative and online, I would love to do some
"website partnerships" with yours. Maybe we can put banners or links to each other's
website, or something like that. I'll keep you informed if you are interested.

Again, thank you so much for the DNA activation. I'm very honored and thankful.

Love & light to you,

Dear Valerie,

Divine Blueprint Painting & Reading:

Wow.  Thank you so much.  I must tell you, this put all the pieces together for me.  I feel
sooooo myself like never before.  I am so connected and joyous at this moment.  I don't think
that will ever change, only get stronger.

You are amazing at what you do and I am blessed to receive your gift.  Thank you again.  I
am changed forever.

Love, Light,,
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
DNAALCHEMY.COM is the best - the best site for all crystals, the best site for learning about every aspect of those crystals and choosing the right ones, and absolutely the best site for
input, knowledge, service, and every kind of kindness therein. I love the personal knowledge and attention and caring and touch Valerie gives to each individual purchase and
purchaser - even to the way she mails you your crystals -- in lovely velvety bags, wrapped and sealed in tissue and blessed with a stick of incense.  Opening those packages was like
the best Christmas present opening ever.  Magical.  That is what the site and its products are.  High quality, reasonably priced, no hype, just the crystals as the real stars of the show,
with Valerie knowing and caring about each one of them like her own children.  It was and still continues to be a total delight and joy to purchase from Valerie and DNAALCHEMY.
Words can't reccommend it all enough - the site, the crystals, information and knowledge, the personal touch, the whole experience of ordering and receiving.  DNAALHELMY.COM is
the best around.  I love it, and always will.