Is DNA the Original Blueprint of our Divine heritage?

DNA is the connection to creation.

DNA holds our ancient knowledge as well as future potential in a vast library of information. What is the fullest potential our genetic encodement in this

DNA is the strategic plan for life on earth and in the universe.

Will the double helix be stretched and unwound to reveal in actuality 12 strands of DNA forming a sacred geometric figure of unity. A multi-dimensional star
tetrahedron is the 12 full strands of DNA reassembled and functioning. This should enable us, through a universal spiral, to reach beyond the 12th
dimension. (see the post on Grid Planes as dimensional separation is an illusion)

The very DNA scientists labeled junk, is actually our highest potential yet to be expressed. Only 3% of the entire genetic encodement is currently activated
in average humans which represents 2 out of 12 strands of DNA.

There are 9 breaks in our genetic encodement of which 6 are unassigned. Are these the DNA strands that are repaired or reactivated during a DNA
Activation by a practioner?
Practitioners of DNA Activation

When energy practitioners turn on your DNA codons and reconnect you they are following a pattern of Sacred Geometry "strings and strands" that
etherically connect us all to the Source and all that is in the multiverse on all levels of space and infinite time.

You might experience deeper levels of understanding after an activation.  Things come into your awareness that were not there before.  You think
differently, and along different line, and after all aren't you connected to different lines on the Grid.  That would be the Unity Consciousness Grid and
not Mass Consciousness.  It is something to consider.
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