from "Crystal Personalities" by Patricia Troyer

A Devic Crystal is a crystal with multiple internal fractures and inclusions of trapped water, air and gases.  Devic Crystals can be any shape, variety of
quartz crystal, formation, or size and do not have to have perfect terminations or even any termination at all.

The trapped water, air or gas within your Devic Crystal is often called
veils and fairy frost.  It was once widely believed that fairies and other nature
spirits stayed in these crystals as they travelled from one place to another, turning a Devic Crystal at one level into a kind of vessel for nature spirits.

A Devic Crystal helps you to become more open to the possibility that Earth does indeed have "nature spirits".  Once you have proven that you can be
trusted to be a caretaker of this planet and its life forms, these protectors of Earth may communicate with you though your Devic Crystal.  If you earn the
trust of these energies, they will teach you a great deal about the true nature of this planet and its function in our Universe.  And if you are very, very
good they might even take you to visit the inner realms of planet Earth, or the kingdoms behind the mists.

Devas themselves are light beings assigned to planet Earth to assist her various life forms and energies.  Throughout human history, Devas have been
elves, fairies, and other nature spirits, although Devas in the oldest existing legends were believed to be what we now call angels.  The Sanskrit root word
Devi itself translates as
goddess.  So your Devic Crystal is a reminder of your own supra-normal powers of consciousness and your natural ability to
reconnect with "beings of light".  This crystal is a wonderful gift for any newborn since Devas and fairies like to bring extraordinary and miraculous gifts to
infants.  And Devic Crystals are, or course, great for plants of all kinds.


  •  Symbolizes the supra-normal powers of your own consciousness
  •  Helps you accept being physical here on planet Earth
  •  One of the best tools for communicating with "the little people"
  •  Useful as a telepathic communication tool
  •  Great comforter when working with physical fears of all kinds
  •  Excellent psychic energy generator and tool
  •  Connects directly with Earth's attending spirits and energies
  •  A good tool for discovering Earth's place and function in the Universe
  •  Stimulates compassion and understanding for all life forms
  •  Outstanding gift for the newly born
  •  Good tool for staying in tough with Earth changes
  •  Helps you become aware of and more in tune with the problems facing this planet
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