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"The Soul Reading was outstanding!  I now understand
who I am and what my life purpose is.....!"
My Divine Blueprint is the most beautiful thing I have ever
seen.....when I first opened the package, I felt this instant
connection with it, it felt like, I finally felt whole again!   All my  
life, I'd been searching for the missing part of myself and
finally, I  found it!

The Soul reading was outstanding!   I now understand who I
am and  what my life purpose was and is, and this gives me
peace of mind.  A few days before the package arrived, I had
a dream and in the dream, Lemurian man cams to me and
told me, I was originally a Lemurian and was  from the star
Pleaides, just like Divine Blueprint showed!!!   WOW,
Valerie... you're right on!!!

Life, Light and Love!
"The Blueprints are so beautiful!  Your work is
impressive and very special!"
Thank You so much for getting the Blueprints and Soul
Readings to us so it was special!

The Blueprints will be hanging in our new spiritual room so
we can look into them everyday!  We didn't understand
some of the reading right away so we went to your website
and read about the
DNA rewiring and it's significance.  We
are so excited to be a part of the upcoming shift for
humanity.  I have always felt that something was happening
that I couldn't put my finger on and now at least I understand
more. We both do.

Holly Springs, NC
"I really love it and can't take my eyes off it."

I just received the painting and wanted to give you a big thanks,
I really love it and can't get my eyes off it.  I have already spent
a good hour just looking at it.  It is just so vast and special to
me.  Hopefully this is exactly what I need to bring everything
together in my life.  

Thanks again.

Chris K
Melbourne, Australia
Since 2002, I've spent a lot of time "soul-searching" and trying to
understand my
Valerie's blueprint caught me by surprise.  Until her soul
reading, I never realized how blessed I was or what an important
part I have in helping the planet.  Everything rings true and I've
since gotten validations from an Akashic Record Reading
regarding my purpose on this planet.  

Things are falling into place and I am finally connecting with all
the right people (including Valerie).  I can't thank Valerie enough
for the revelations her painting and reading have given me.  
Thank you so much.  I hope I prove worthy!

"Your work is assisting my emergence on a very deep,
alchemical level..."
The Blueprint and Soul matrix arrived Monday, perfectly timed
with where I am in my journey!

I want to thank you for doing this work, the Blueprint resonates
on many levels with
The musical notes at the bottom of my Blueprint are recalling in
me a deep truth, one I have always known deep down but  barely
utilized, this is changing quite rapidly and with confidence!

There is so much... I am being with the Blueprint, being with me!  
Letting the unfolding happen.

I have been thru a very intense and long healing and Now I
begin to emerge in my truth, your work has/is assisting  my
emergence  on a very deep, alchemical and magical level.

Many Blessings and Thanks,
"I can't stop looking at it or reading the soul matrix
reading....You hit on so many things.....I was in awe .."
I got my divine blueprint yesterday! It is so beautiful. I'm so glad
I decided to 'go for it' I was in awe of it the whole night. I can't stop
looking at it or reading the soul matrix reading. You hit so many
things that people have told me over the years right on the
head!!! Little bits and pieces have all come together in one

In addition, I like that you didn't interpret every single symbol,
there are some there for me to interpret, and (although I didn't
do it consciously) I did that last night with one of them. It is ironic
that I am reading a book about connecting with the Arcturians
and way in the back they have the symbol they call the 'sacred
triangle' it is a circle with a triangle superimposed on it. That is
the same symbol that you drew on the left side of my painting!! I
could not believe it! I had to do a double take because I have
two triangles and circles. One has the triangle over the circle, the
other one (on the right) has the circle inside the triangle.

with it..Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with me.
This is life changing for me because it affirms who I really am
and more that is yet to be discovered!  Thank you, thank you,
thank you!

Monica R.
"Valerie's blueprint caught me by surprise...!"
"When I opened my painting I was brought to tears by
the beauty of it, and the resonance I felt."
Greetings Valerie,

Thank you so much! There are no words I can say to tell you
what a wonderful and beautiful service you offer to this world by
sharing your amazing gifts.

As soon as I received the package I read my reading and felt so
at ease. What the reading said confirms many flash backs and
dreams I have had my entire life. When I opened my painting I
was bought to tears by the beauty of it, and the resonance I felt.
Thank you!

I could not wait to show my mother hers (it was suppose to be a
Christmas Present..:) ) She loved it. I will be ordering from you
again soon another Divine Blueprint Painting & Matrix Soul
Reading for my sister!

I want to send you infinite blessings and love, the world is much
more beautiful when there are beings like you that see through
the illusion!

Blessings, Love and light!

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