Dolphin Crystal
from  Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

A Dolphin Crystal is one large crystal with a much smaller, shorter crystal fastened securely to its side. Dolphins are not Soul Mates or Twin Flames (see
Soul Mate Crystal, Twin Flame Crystal).  

Dolphin Crystals symbolize your natural craving and right to be cherished, nurtured, and appreciated just the way you are.  Dolphins remind you of your
innate capacity to provide this same atmosphere for yourself as well as others.  This is an excellent choice anytime you feel particularly insecure and in
need of the security of a good companion, especially when you are about to go swimming in deep waters.  Dolphins also remind you that making
someone else feel safe, wanted, and cherished is one of the best ways to receive the same energies yourself.  (Like attracts like. remember?)

Dolphin Crystals provide first rate protection for the newly born, the young, defenseless, gentle, sensitive, naive, and the innocent.  They are exceptional
at reducing anxiety, deep fear, and anger.  Dolphins remind you to stay in touch with your playful, fun loving, carefree nature, to not take things so
seriously all of the time.

Meditating or sleeping with a Dolphin can help you become better attuned to the water dwellers of this planet, as well as your own compassionate,
sensitive, intuitive nature.  (yes, you do!)

Dolphin Crystals are good choices for people who need to reawaken their capacity to give emotional support and understanding to themselves as well as
others, and to re-learn how to accept this support without feeling weak, defenseless, or vulnerable.  
Dolphins make good dream stones and promote sound, restful sleep, a good choice to keep away nightmares and things that go bump in the night,
especially if it’s a Smoky Quartz Dolphin Crystal.  

Symbolically, the dolphin is a strong savior symbol, especially for anyone in danger of shipwreck, smashing themselves on the rocks.  The dolphin is the
king of fishes and sacred to all ancient sea deities, male and female.  Dolphins were also one of the Guides of the Soul (a Psycho pomp), and a strong
symbol of the Soul’s journey across the Sea of Death.  Dolphins also represent swiftness, intelligence, safety, knowledge, and the power and intelligence
of the sea or the deep and unfathomable.


  •  Symbolized safety when moving through deep or troubled waters.

  •  Symbolized safe passage over the “sea of death”.

  •  Represents swift movement and intelligence.

  •  Reminds you of your already considerable knowledge of the deep.

  •  Symbolizes one who guides.  

  •  One of the Rescue Stones.

  •  A good Dream Stone.

  •  Excellent shield against nightmares.  

  •  Outstanding protection stone for infants and children.

  •  Helps prevent emotional breakdowns.

  •  Assists in resolving issues related to mother.

  •  Reminds you to love, accept, and nurture yourself as well as others.

  •  Assists in working with most emotional traumas, including abuse.

  •  Promotes feelings of security and acceptance of who you are.

  •  Stimulates creativity and the desire for freedom.

  •  Helps you deal with internal stresses of all kinds.  

  •  A good guide when in “troubled waters”.

  •  Protects the defenseless, sensitive, insecure, and vulnerable.  

  •  Good reminder to nurture and let yourself be nurtured in return.

  •  Reminds you that play is every bit as important as work.  

  •  Assists in problems of, or fears about, being a mother or allowing yourself to show the qualities of mothering
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