Double Terminated Quartz Crystal
From Love is in the Earth By Melody

Double Terminated Quartz Crystals are multi-functional; energy moves outward in either direction or in both directions concurrently.  They have the
capacity to draw or to transmit energy through both ends.  “Doubles” are excellent for astral projection and for dreaming – place them under your pillow at
night and they can increase and intensify the dream state.  They are also excellent for use in meditation.  

They can also be used to assist in providing one protection from mental and physical harm.  Carrying a double-terminated crystal can enable one to
maintain ones energy shield.  

They symbolize patience and perseverance; this is quite important during healing situations.
In addition, they have been used to move sickness from the body to a location which transforms the disorder from negativity to positive energy [i.e., the
location is predetermined and is for example, a black hole which is filled with white light].
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