by Katrina Raphaell

The crystal is a variation of a channeling crystal.

A channeler has at least one face with seven sides and one with three sides. The number seven represents intuition and spiritual connection; while three
represents the grounding of this connection (much as a pyramid grounds spiritual energy), and the ability to express it.

While it is possible for one to channel a nonphysical entity after practice with this crystals, that need not be the goal. It can also help us awaken and
access our own intuitive knowledge, especially when we have a problem we can't solve through usual reasoning patterns.

In a Dow crystal the termination has three seven-sided faces and three triangles. This means that the energies described above are perfectly balanced.


  •  Provides Perfection
  •  Spirituality Connection
  •  Higher Self Doorway
  •  Multi-dimensional connectedness and pathways
  •  Contains Access to Wisdom
  •  It provide the ultimate balance
  •  Provides energy that uplifts the user
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