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An ET Crystal is a crystal that has one point or termination on one end and several terminations on the other, causing it to look very much like an old
fashioned science fiction rocketship.

These crystals have the power to bring energy in at their single point and transmit it out through each of the terminations at the other end – in other
words they are capable of “spraying” energy(a good way to spark up any room).  And of course the reverse is also true; ET Crystals can take in immense
quantities of energy at their multiple terminations and then focus it in laser-like fashion through their single termination.

ETs are also good choices for people who are interested in the life and times outside this planet’s atmosphere.  ETs are good reminders that life comes in
many sizes, shapes, colors, and even dimensions.  These are also good reminders that the human species isn’t the only advanced form of life in our
universe and are good choices for pairing with Elestials (not to mention Moldavite and Selenite).

ET Crystals are first rate gifts for people who need their own unique brand of creativity boosted and brought forward into their daily lives.  This is an
especially good choice for scientists, artists, musicians, teachers, and all space travelers.  

Since many ETs were also once Self Healed Crystals, they are exceptional energy re-chargers and personal motivator; a good choice for entrepreneurs
of all kinds.


  • Symbolizes your connection to the Universe
  • Great tool for communication with off-world life
  • Has the ability to function as a laser for intense focusing of energy
  • Can be used to collect and then “spray” energy
  • A superior energy re-charger
  • Helps you build and maintain self-confidence
  • A good channeling tool
  • Stimulates feelings of courage
  • Excellent energy shield
  • Helps you deal with fears of all kinds
  • Reminds you that we all are many individuals with the One
  • Acts as a collector of energy through its multi-terminations
  • Reminds you that you not only can heal yourself but can go beyond to an entirely new form of being and power
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