from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Empathic Crystals are the specialists at empathizing with you on days when you feel unloved, unappreciated, or just plain unattractive and unlovable.  These crystals
are also specialists at helping you open your heart, and of protecting the already open-hearted from absorbing too much of the pain of others.  

Empaths are the experts at reminding you that you have compassion for others without shredding yourself in the process.  If you are feeling swamped or drained by
someone else’s pain, hold an Empath and let it absorb what you feel.  Now bury it in sea or rock salt crystals or let it rest on a bed of sage and copper until you
intuitively know when it is ready to face the world again.  And then say, “Thank you”, loud and clear.  

As many Empathic Crystals sooner or later develop spectacular internal rainbows, they are excellent reminders that it is who you are on the inside that matters, and
that it is possible to generate your own rainbows even when you have been badly treated, neglected, pushed around, ignored, and even dropped on you head and
heart a few times.  And given the overall symbolism of quartz crystal, an Empath is a perfect symbol for the smaller self who is willing to sacrifice itself to the Greater

Empaths are outstanding teddy bear stones to tell your troubles.  They always, always listen and understand on some level.   And sometimes they even begin to
help you change the things around you.  Having been where you are, they know how it feels and what to do about it.  They, of course, make great Dream Stones.


  • Symbolizes the smaller self willingly in submission to the Greater Self.  
  • Represents your ability to conquer all adversity.
  • One of the best Rescue Stones around.
  • Excellent Dream Stone.
  • Outstanding  a “teddy bear” stone.
  • Helps alleviate feeling of loss, fear, and grief.
  • A good tool to use when working with addictions of any kind.
  • Helps release anxieties and fear of being unlovable.
  • Good divination stone.
  • Balances both Yin (female) and Yang (male) energies.
  • An excellent tool for working with all ego-related lessons.
  • Helps you work with depression.
  • Excellent choice during times of change and transition.
  • Highly recommended for anyone who has been abused in any way at any time.
  • Helps you become more open to others, but a reminder to not take on their pain if you really want to help them.
  • Reminds you it’s who you are and what you can do that matters, not how you look or what others think about how you look.
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