I recently updated the Directory of Metaphysical Properties of Stone and Crystals.   I like to use a lot of pictures representing each stone and crystal displaying it as
a rough rock and then as jewelry because it can look quite different after it is polished.

What I was finding as each picture was added is that I was experiencing the energy of all these beautiful rocks and minerals. I felt like I was receiving a huge clearing
and healing especially during the two weeks it has taken me to update the entire directory.

As I have mentioned in earlier articles about energy, everything including pictures IS made up of energy.

You can consider hanging pictures around you that bring your vibrational level higher such as a picture of someone who inspires you or art that you love, or that you
have created. Just let the energies in and relax into them. The wholeness in the vibration of the picture can recharge your batteries.

Even if you are not directly looking at a picture it still radiates a distinct vibrational energy into the room.

It is something to consider the next time you hang a picture or some art in a room. Also you may want to switch out the pictures if you have had them up for a very
long time. It is almost like the juice or energy has done its work for you already and you might now need a new energy vibration radiating out to you.

May your art bring you a lightness to your heart and soul.

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