Etched Quartz Crystal
From Love is in the Earth “A Kaleidoscope of Crystals – Updated”
By Melody

The Etched Quartz Crystal can be recognized by the existence of abrasions located upon the outer areas of the crystal.  The abrasions appear to be a
type of hieroglyphics.

This formation has been used to facilitate contact and the transfer of information from the ancient Egyptian civilizations and from Lemuria and Atlantis.  
The transliterations of the symbols bring information relevant to ones life at the time of translation.  They were once used in the healing temples of these
ancient civilizations and, the markings also contain information of experiences in which they have participated.  They also have contained information with
respect to the healing methodology, which has been proven successful over eons of time and throughout the universe.  They have been accessed during
the meditative state and have provided information concerning techniques utilized in the ancient civilizations of the Earth and of other locations in the

The Etched Quartz Crystal is usually a personal meditation crystal.  Meditation with the crystal is easily accomplished by placing the “hieroglyphics” upon
the third-eye.  Subsequent to this placement, close the eyes, still and open the mind, initiate circular breathing, relax, and be prepared to receive the

If one is meant to experience an Etched Quartz, the universe will provide.  The Etched Quartz Crystal, which is made available to one contains the
information, which will be beneficial to ones personal development and/or will provide information, which will assist one in helping another.
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