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We recently came across an Inner Child Crystal that demanded a new perspective of the attributes of an Evolved Inner Child.

As we align with our individual aspect of Source Consciousness, and are the moment to moment commitment to living its “In-Body-ment”, concepts such
as “victim” no longer have a place in our interactions.  As we recognize each moment’s opportunity to hold the highest frequency we are capable of
expressing in that moment, it is necessary to disengage from past response patterns.  It is also imperative to avoid the pitfalls of responding from the
Quantum Field of Possibilities that do not exist in that moment.  Within these parameters we will examine the Evolved Inner Child Crystal.

The Evolved Inner Child Crystal introduces the spontaneity of totally being in the Present.   It feels each moment’s multitude of possibilities and responds
with its whole-body knowing.  It lives totally committed to each moment’s action, knowing it can be adjusted within the next moment’s response ability.  
Each moment is focused, fully heart-involved and New.  Learning… assimilating…body-mind-spirit processing without dichotomy allow each moment’s
Quantum Field of Possibilities synchronicity.  

The Evolved Inner Child Crystal knows and respects each Playmate’s individual and unique perspective.  It offers the freedom and magic that takes place
when each Playmate responds to the creative whole from their individual alignments.  It knows each is growing, learning, processing from a uniquely
complex perspective.  The Whole becomes the allowing, respectful, full-hearted, committed response ability to the totality of how each plays together.  No
one aspect is more important than the other, as they all are in service to the Whole and know it is play.  Each offers part of the key to the totality of the
evolution of the process as it unfolds, moment by moment.  The outcome is always all-ways changing as the Unknown is an equal participant with the
Evolving Moment.  There is an innate Trust in the continuing evolving outcome of this participation, of this play, in the full-hearted dedicated Presence of
each participant.  And Magic and the Spontaneous Moment walk as equals with the Now.  And the Creative Whole continues to evolve into the more-than-
it-can-be, celebrating each individual participant’s contribution.

When one receives an Inner Child Crystal as part of the crystal properties of their crystal, that aspect is being emphasized.  All Inner Child Crystals hold
the capabilities of an Evolved Inner Child Crystal.  They wait for us to be able to shed that which no longer serves us, so that we are able to approach and
participate with them in the fullness of their capabilities.
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