• The Eye of Horus Activation Session is 45 to
    60 minutes.
  • During the session you will be sitting in a
    quiet meditative state while Valerie facilitates
    the energy work (no phone necessary).
  • The EOH can be done  Long Distance or by
    Office visit
  • After check-out, Valerie will email you to
    schedule the session date and time.

Email:   Admin@dnaalchemy.com
History of the Eye of Horus
The Eye of Horus refers to the ancient Mystery School Teachings of Creational Geometry
encoded by Isis and Osiris and left behind with their priests in Egypt.

These are the same souls who are the priests in Atlantis and other programs.  They carry
this genetically encoded information in their DNA - triggered now as we move back to
2012.  (We are moving back to 2012 because we are here from the future).

There is additional information kept hidden in the ancient mystery school teachings since
the beginning of this reality/program.

All hidden information will come forward at this time, as the Hall of Records - Golden
Capstone was activated on December 12 - 12:12 at 12:12 am and pm in the Kings
Chamber of the Great Pyramid and brings your healing, enlightenment and ascension.

The calibration for the time clock of our reality was reset and consciousness shifted.
Excerpt from  http://www.crystalinks.com/horus.html
Eye Symbology
Everything is math and metaphor laced with 'eye' symbology in the matrix of time.  All things are viewed through an eye of creation - conscious creation - projected illusion in the alchemy of

Everything sweeps forth from the 'eye' - experienced consciously - then returns to the eye as the patterns of reality create and recreate in loops - think spiraling galaxies.  Eyes are windows to
soul experience - think virtual reality. The eye is a lens which allows us to see and become consciously aware of our experiment in third dimension. The eye is the lens of time or virtual reality.  
The eye is the window to the soul and all aspects of your soul experiencing in other grids.  

The third eye is the 6th chakra.  As it begins to activate and open - it is a common experience that one sees an eye - or eyes - looking back at them. Your perspective in - dreams - of colors -
your personal life and relationships - will be seen through a 'new light.'  You are moving into a higher frequency that enables you to expand your consciousness and see reality on many levels
and dimensions.  This can be a quantum leap in perception and can be life changing as you discard patterns that no longer work in higher frequency. Your total perception changes in this
acceleration of time.

The opening of the eye - is symbolic of a time of awakening - the evolution of consciousness -- the activation of your DNA = 11:11 digital alarm. The opening of the eye - Iris - Isis - I - can be the
physical eye or what is called the 'third eye' - which looks up and out - has a lens and is the
pineal gland.

Exploring in linear time allows us to experience emotions through an electromagnetic field - duality - polarity - love vs. fear.  We see balance as we awaken and remember that we are souls
sparks evolving back to its original creation bringing pole shifts of consciousness - earth changes both physical and as metaphors.

The eye is a metaphor for the source of creation - God - Eye of God.  When people dream or are meditating they sometimes see an Eye that is either opened or closed.   Symbolically it is the
opened eye that is awakened consciousness.
Excerpt from http://www.crystalinks.com/eye.html

More Eye of Horus Background Information
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The EOH Activation awakens
energies inside of us that are lying
dormant awaiting codes of light
that unlock the energy inside the
cells (the DNA) of humanity over
time.  The Eye of Horus is an
advanced awakening.

The Eye of Horus Session is the
same activation that you received
as a Priest in Lemuria, Atlantis
and later in Egypt.  It is the hidden
information being awakened
within you.  

The session lasts about 45
minutes to 1 hour.

Read the Client Comments about
what you may feel during the
activation.  Go to
page to read a little more about
the foundation of this activation.   
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Photos from a
Here were are on our trip to Egypt a few years
ago.   I am in the left photo with my Fiance,
John, and in the photo on the right with my
girlfriends.  What a beautiful and magnificent
spiritual trip it was!!!
Please Note:  The EOH Activation is based on the Sacred Geometry of the Golden Ratio
and is pure white light energetics.  I work with Angels and light energy.

Don't get caught up in the Egyptian Horus story.  I named this energy work the EOH many
years ago when studying Egypt and it's just a name.  This energy work could just as well be
called simply Light Work.  Thank you.