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In the ascension process there is a clearing and releasing of levels of fear.  Fears are
illusions.  As soon as a truth is known the fear dissolves.

This happens for everyone.

No matter where we are in the ascension process, we clear and release levels of fear.  This is normal and to be expected.  It is a clearing and releasing process -
simple as that.  The veil and illusion dissolves.  If a fear comes up, then think about what your are releasing and what the real truth is to assist you in releasing much

What fears are we releasing:

1.  Worry that something outside yourself is more powerful that you.  This could be other people, other energies, entities, etc.  This is a usual and normal fear when
are far along on the ascension process.  We are needing to release it in order to see the truth.  We are powerful beyond measure.  It is a natural process that
eventually nothing outside ourselves can bother us any longer and, this will occur over a short period of time.  You'll just wake up and be more confident in who you
really are even if you can't see it clearly yet.

2.  Worry that karma will keep causing you more troubles.  Karma will still be an earth game but you are no longer a participant in that particular aspect of the game.  
Why?  Because you no longer feel the pull of the Drama that is Karma.  Here is an example of a progression in karmic dissolving:

  •       You meet someone and feel drawn to them and immediately begin a relationship.

  •       You find out after a month that this person has little in common with your goals and values but you feel emotionally
attached anyway.  Why the emotional attachment?  Because the attachment is the Karma Drama Cords holding you.

  •       You finally break away or break up and you wonder how and why you got into that relationship anyway.

  •       You meet someone and feel drawn to them and immediately stop to think about why you feel drawn to them.  

  •       You decide after further meetings that this person and you must have had prior relationships before.  

  •        Besides the dull charge of karma you feel - which is the Karmic pull to start a relationship - you can see no other
reason or purpose for the relationship to continue.

  •        You decide not to pursue the relationship because you realize you don't need to repeat the same old patterns.
You have no common goals and values.  You decide that you've got that lesson.  

  •        You have just decided not to enter into the karma game!

  •        You meet someone and feel drawn to them.  You decide to get to know that person and let things be revealed.

  •        You find out after a month that this person has the same goals and values as you.

  •        You don't feel the Drama Karma but instead feel a strong appreciation for this being whom you recognize as a         
spiritual partner.

  •        This person is a great companion and friend who you recognize as a part of yourself.  

  •        You realize the power of building from a place of common goals and dreams and values.

  •        Congratulations you are out of the Karma Game!

3.  The pain of feeling inadequate in the world.  That somehow you will never be allowed to bring your full gifts to the world.  This is a fear that we all have.  It is about
not feeling that the world appreciates you so therefore you must be insignificant.  This, as you know, is an illusion.  You are directly from the Source and that is the
truth.  Your significance here is monumental.  You are essential to the light of the earth.

4.  The worry of being alone.  As you go further and further along on the ascension process you will actually find you seek your own company and solitude.  You will
go through periods of time where you just go inward.  You begin to appreciate yourself more and more.  You love to be with yourself.  This is a great place of inner
power because you will no longer feel pulled to have a relationship with people you really don't resonate with.  No reflection on them.  We all resonate to a certain
frequency and feel most comfortable when we are with those similar energies from time to time.

5.  The worry of doing the right thing or not doing the right thing because we want to be liked and accepted. This is the best of all, in my opinion, because it frees us
up to be our authentic selves.  We no longer do things motivated by what 'others' deem socially appropriate or go along with the crowd so we don't rock the boat.  
We find ourselves unable to compromise.  We become cranky and have little tolerance for things we are no on board with.

6.  Worry that security needs won't be met.  This one is a whopper because we come into the earth body with its root chakra all set up for security needs.  It has
served us well but now it needs to be stepped up to a new level of play.  We know the universe will provide for us because we will be in the right place and the right
time for all our needs to be met.  We are walking our path as the Divine Will of Source.  All needs will be met by our own manifestation and inner divine power in co-
creatorship with Source.

I could go on but I am sure you get the idea that when you feel a fear, stop to look at what is releasing and appreciate that it is happening.  I like to go into mediation
and ask for the truth of it so it will clear much faster.