Archangel Zachary Channeled by Lisa Smith  

Truth of Blue Light

As the energy increases on earth/Bethlehem she is capable of uploading the best as far as mathematic grid mapping.  We introduce across the planes of light an
energy barometer hosting its weightless efforts to change earth mass density into light hearted mutation we call the Fountain of Youth.  However it is only the
beginning of what heralds in electronics operating within one known Bethlehem grid system.  Bethlehem Grid tracking begins with a foundation connected to Mt. Ida
Arkansas and the Arkansas Quartz Crystal. (  Upon this dynamic we can complete all life forces necessary to upgrade the human kingdom
and all of its inhabitants.

We have graciously asked from this setting a nucleus to build from, as the Messiah unit glows with Christ Jehovah pure essence.  As you know a grid can only host
the energy, it must be up to the master to activate it through commitment, selfless service and meditative prayer with its own light source.  We have the definitive
equipment and secured the appropriate crystals in which to build a Fountain of Youth alignment.  Each activation is important, as it will feed the mass conscious
nutrition of a higher light.  

The base unit mathematic will be a raw Brazilian Quartz Crystal, and these shall be smokey quartz, which tells of fortunes in many ways uploading within the mind and
brain of God's light.  A higher awareness can be achieved through South American magnetics, as there is no friction connected in its vibration.  And friction and/or
lack thereof will be the master's gift, depending upon which is necessary at any given time.  On top of this strength we will lay a colored Blue Ray agate floor with
fountains of light inhabited on its ground, and as you focus you will feel its nectar of truth, and grow strong within, as trust within source becomes the outstanding
result.  On top of the floor that builds its fountain is a Selenite Crystal, built solely for this time and the Fountain of Youth, as it activates all 12 electronic bodies
under the Blue Ray Youth alignment.  It will grow, with every full moon and new moon energy working opposite cycles that one is accustomed with in astrology of
ages past.

This grid will connect with the Pituitary Gland first the moment you set it up, and will finish with a sharp electronic blend with the Pineal Gland on High.  Enjoy these
maps of the universe, not only will you benefit, but all you encounter will touch the glow of Source Light you have agreed to become.  Life in its work with Source
becomes a joy from this point on.  I love you,  Ark Angel Zachary (Sananda)
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