Generator Crystal
from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Generator Crystals are crystals terminating in six faces (facets), all coming to a near-perfect point at the top-center of the crystal.  Generators are
sometimes also called Projector Crystals.  A Generator Crystal can be found as small as ¼ inch or be as large as a tall building.  These are always
powerful stones, no matter what their size, and should be treated with care and much respect.  

Generators do exactly what their name implies—they generate and project energy.  These are first rate group meditation tools when seated in the center
of a meditation circle.  Generators are also outstanding at re-energizing or recharging other crystals and stones.  
These crystals are often favorites of those involved in alternative healing procedures, generating and directing energy in extremely precise regular pulses
and patterns, especially when programmed for specific functions.

Some Generators have been known to generate enough energy to crack and shatter other crystals in their near vicinity, so be careful where you place
them and how you use them.  But If you have any doubts that all this crystal energy stuff really works, experiment with your Generator.  Just be prepared
for what you experience—and remember that it is not nice to point.  

Like all stones, each Generator is a distinct individual with its own lifetime of experience and unique frequency transmissions.  It can be cloudy at the base
and clear at its point, or vice versa; it can contain phantoms, rainbows, inclusions; and it cam be perfectly clear.  A
Generator can be any member of the Quartz Clan so long as all of its six sides terminate in one regular 6-sided point.  Generator, however, do not have
to be “perfect” to function.

Generators also symbolize the number 6.  Six, among many other interpretations, is the number of accomplishment, purpose, and growth.  It symbolizes
the completion of a process and often shows up in your life at the end of a period of great change and activity.  It is your experience with the number 6,
which prepares you for the lessons of the number 7.  Six is also the number of the Philosopher’s Stone, The Shield of David, the Seal of Solomon with the
power to bind negative energies, and 6 can symbolize sexuality since it represents the hexagram which itself denotes the meeting of male and female.  Six
was a perfect number to Pythagorus since it was the midpoint between the 2 of the beginning of growth and the 10 of completion.

Generators are extraordinary meditation tools, helping you gather and focus your concentration and energy, then amplify and send it anywhere you like.  
They are also good instructors while you are learning not to damage anything when focusing and using energy and power responsibly.  Wear or carry a
Generator anytime you need to feel strong and in control.  Generators are perfect mates for Receiver Crystals.

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  • Symbolizes the union of Fire and Water which when harmoniously
    combined creates the Human Soul.
  • Represents the number 6 with all of its symbolism.
  • One of the best Power Stones, directly symbolizing the power use
  • A Shaman Stone.
  • Outstanding for generating, concentrating, and projecting energy.
  • Good reminder when you are serious about accomplishing anything
  • Superb tool for focusing and storing energy.
  • A good choice for leaders of any kind.
  • Helps recharge all energy systems.
  • Generates strong feelings of self-confidence and personal courage.
  • First rate meditation tool.
  • Breaks up and dissolves feelings of apathy and lethargy.
  • Outstanding channeling tool.
  • Good choice during any rebirthing procedures.
  • Matchless physical and psychic protection tool.
  • Great aid in dealing with a fear of heights or flying.
  • A good tool for digging for your core beliefs.
  • Connects you more directly to your Higher and Inner Self.
  • Outstanding choice for business people.
  • Balances energy directly and quickly.
  • One of the best telepathic communication tools.
  • Helps generate and maintain your energy during spiritual
  • Excellent candidate for programming.