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Have you ever had communications with people that do not seem to go well and you
can't figure out why or what happened?

This articles focuses on those issues in our communication style that can keep us
separate from one another.   If you are like me then you really wish that all
communication leaves each party feeling more enriched and positive about themselves
after the exchange.

Our goal here today is to learn how to approach a conversational exchange in a
productive and helpful way that maintains, and, or raises the vibration of each
participant to a very high level.

Here are some simple communication guidelines:

1.  Always know that the other person is your equal in all things no matter what.

    Try not to place yourself or anyone else on a pedestal.   Know that you do not have to sacrifice yourself on the alter of friendship.  
    If, over a short period of time, the vibrations coming back to you do not begin to raise your vibration then it is time to move on to
    other friendships.

2.  Remember that the person you have in front of you is not there by chance.

    There is a reason you are sharing a communication.  You will increase the vibration by raising your awareness of what this
    communication is really about.

3.  Always look at the person as your mirror.

    If you feel bad about what is said to you, then look at what you are projecting outward to others. This is the quick way to answer the
    eternal question "why did they say that to me".  Remember you are creating your experience and this person in front of you is
    facilitating your awakening by your own design.

4.  Speak of solutions not of problems or complaints.

    Speak without blame, shame, guilt or other emotional baggage.  Don't bring up baggage and don't make more baggage.

5.  Stay in the present moment.  This is the only moment - now.  

6.  See the person in front of you with new eyes.

    Let go of the story (the mind script) you may be holding about them or about how they have always communicated with you and you
    with them.  This opens the energetic door for them to show up differently for you.

7.  You get to have what you believe, so hold a positive warm feeling about the person
in front of you.

    These feelings will return to you through the universe.  Maybe not from this person but the energy will expand and grown and
    return to you.
8.  Do not compare yourself to someone in a way that makes them seem less than you.

    Take a moment to be empathic toward that person.  If the communication would lift them up, then go ahead with it.  If the
    communication is really all about you and how you feel about yourself, then stop.  Re-think it.  Do you have a tendency to turn
    every communication into a story about yourself?  Listening is a skill to hone. Stay in that mode for a while and see what happens.

9.  Do not downgrade someones accomplishments or goals by comparing yourself
to them by using the old story that "you personally never felt you needed it, or you
were never guided to need those goals or accomplishments".

    This is a big put down on someones energy as they are opening up to share with you.  It is like putting an big energetic foot down
    on someone's heart.  Just do the listening and congratulations.  Give them a warm, safe space to share.

10.  Make no judgements or assumptions, please.  This is one of the biggest road
blocks to raising vibration in communication.

11.  If you can't be supportive then don't say anything at all.  If you can't keep your
communication on a high vibrational level, stop.

12.  Take a moment to think about how your communication may effect the other
person's energy and what your motivation is for expressing that specific thing.

    Motivation is a good thing to check to ensure that what you are saying is in the best interest of the other person.  There is always a
    way to say what you want to get across that can raise vibration and be tactful and diplomatic.

13.  Be good to yourself and others.

There are plenty more common sense guidelines and I know if we consciously think
about it we can all raise up the vibration of ourselves and those around us.