The Hathors are interdimensional teachers who are facilitating planetary ascension through Compassion, Love, Sound, and Humor. To have
direct experience with these Beings of Light is to remember the power of love, laughter and conscious breath moving within the full-spectrum
of Being. The Hathors represent the Shekinah, that maternal force who embraces duality into unified Oneness, gathers the fragments of
Self.... We are here to realize and celebrate Union!

The Hathors worked extensively in Egypt during the formative years of the civilization, before the pharaohs came into power.

In that early period, there were two primary deities, which were Horus and Hathor. Hathor was the sky goddess, and Horus was the sky god.
As the cosmology started getting more complicated, and there were more political forces involved in Egypt, the Hathors were relegated to a
fertility goddess.

The goddesses in general, the feminine, were relegated to the earth. In the original cosmology, the gods and goddess "coming from the
heavens" were viewed as equal. Then something shifted, and the male principle was associated with the heavens and the female with the
earth. Then came the development of Isis and others.

The term "Hathor" is actually a Greek term. The Egyptian term for this goddess is "Heru." The Hathors were a group of interdimensional,
intergalactic beings, who actually predate Egypt by millennia. But when they actually started working in Egypt, they worked through the
Hathor priestess cult. The Hathor goddess became associated with fertility and sex, ecstasy and bliss. When the Coptic Christians came into
Egypt, they defaced the figures of Hathor. They thought it was blasphemous. They didn't understand how sexuality, ecstasy and bliss were
connected to "God." That was not in their understanding. So you find that in Egypt a lot of the figures of Hathor were defaced off the pillars
and columns.

A similar thing happened to the god "Min," who is a symbol for the spiritual discipline of sexual energy and is depicted as a male figure with a
large, erect phallus. When people from the Victorian era began to uncover these massive phallic symbols, they literally carved them off the
statues or put signs over them, because they thought it was a glorification of a distortion of sexual energy, and that's really not what it was. It
was actually the elevation of sexual energy.

So Hathor, as the holder of the archetype of fertility, sexual ecstasy and bliss, was of the feminine mystery. Her counterparts in other
aspects of consciousness are Sekhmet (Egypt) and Kali (India), although Kali is the wrathful aspect. In the Hathor temples, the priestesses
were trained in the use of sacred dance and in the creation of sacred geometric forms by the way they placed themselves in the temples as
they moved. They chanted and shook rattles which created wave forms, and they used these wave forms to move energy.

The Hathors' contribution to Egypt was within that early formative period of the Hathor goddess cult. We call it a cult, but it was a major
religious stream at the time. What they were working with was the balancing of the masculine and feminine principles, but the inner teaching
of what they were about was the archetype of the sun and the moon, the sun being the masculine principle and the moon being the feminine
principle. When those two are brought into balance within our own bodies, we are balancing the electric (male) principle and the magnetic
(female) principle. So you have a balancing of electromagnetics. It has nothing to do with sexuality; it has to do with subtle energies within
the nervous system.

This knowledge went from ancient Egypt into India and became the foundation for yoga. We can see many strands that came out of Egypt
going into India and into China, even reaching into Tibet. The best book on this topic was written by Muata Ashby called Egyptian Yoga.

The Hathors are masters of sound. What comes to mind, having been to Egypt, is that some of the structures over there are designed to
create sound. The Great Pyramid is designed to resonate to F- sharp, which is apparently a mystical sound. Did the Hathors have anything
to do with the formation of any structures that are sound-producing?

In the Hathor temples, the priestesses went into a trance state and communicated through dreamtime with the goddess Hathor, which in our
psychological language, we would call a feminine archetype. Being in communication with that archetype would put them into communication
with the Hathors. The Hathors could then instruct and teach the priestesses. A similar thing happened with initiates in Egypt, whether they
were in the Hathor temple or not. The early initiates of Egypt were brought in from Atlantis and Lemuria, prior to the fall of these civilizations.
These initiates were in meditative communication with other beings, and the knowledge of sound was given to them by the Hathors and
other beings. They received this information and therefore it became part of the knowledge base of the civilization. This, incidentally, is
similar to what happened to me in this lifetime, where the Hathors started talking to me and giving me information.

Why are the Hathors here? Why are they here rather than someplace else?

They are here working in this solar system because they were requested by beings such as Sanat Kumara. They are specifically here to
balance the masculine and feminine principles by holding a harmonic. The Hathors are androgynous beings. They also have a tremendous
capacity to love unconditionally, to hold the highest vision for humanity. They affect us in a positive way. Anyone who is in line with
unconditional acceptance of themselves or others and a recognition of the need to balance the male/female within themselves and in our
society has the Hathor influence opened to them, whether they ask for it or recognize it or not. Their energies are like a tuning fork. When
you enter that understanding, you start resonating to this field that is being held by the Hathors and by other beings as well.

Their purpose for being here is alchemical in nature. They were third dimensional beings in another universe. They came in through the
Sirius portal and then went to Venus, and they are referred to as the Venusians, although there are other beings there as well. What is
interesting about them now is that they are coming back into peoples' awarenesses all over the world because this is a time when the
feminine is really waking up in a way that she hasn't before in terms of the capacity to be fluid and allow things to happen, to be receptive
instead of forcing, to be open to the mystery of things instead of confining them. These are aspects of the feminine mystery, and that
feminine mystery is returning. She has to come into balance with the male principle; otherwise our civilization will not survive.

The solution to the problems of our world, which is over-masculine in many ways, is the women. It is probable that the women will save our
world if they come into their power. The female principle sees things differently than the male principle does. As the feminine within the men
wakes up, they will be softer in different ways. They will not be able to deal with the world in the same way. That feminine principle is
awakening, and there is also an escalation or an increase of awareness of this need. The awareness of the interconnectedness of all things
is in itself a feminine understanding. So the Hathors are working with us consciously now. I know of several other people with whom the
Hathors have started working. I am not the only one. There are people all over the world they are working with. They are here to assist and
help in this balancing and in the reawakening and the re- empowerment of the feminine, not to the exclusion of the masculine, but to bring
the feminine up to the same level of awareness and respect so that the alchemy can take place. When that balance takes place within us,
our consciousness changes. When that balance takes place within our civilization when women are respected and honored instead of being
oppressed -- our culture changes. And the world will change because our culture will not be violating the Earth, and each other, in the same
way that it does now.

The Hathors work with people through vocal sounds.  What happens when the Hathors' energy comes through a voice, is that it sets up a
field, and those who are in the field, meaning in the room, experience a very powerful, catalytic effect. The energy field that is created
around my body can be felt by others, whether they are into the belief system of it or not. It is a physical sensation. A powerful experience
with the sound.

The Hathors say that sound is the primordial basis of all creation; that we are standing wave patterns of energy; that we are complex
harmonics. We already know this. We look solid, but from another frequency, we look like luminous eggs or orbs of light with filaments of
light through our auric field. This aura emits sounds. If a person has a habit of being in anger, there will be an energy pattern, most often in
the liver, because the organs hold different emotions. Anger is often held in the liver. Not only is the liver doing its thing biochemically, but
the egg of energy, the aura that surrounds the body, also has a block that is related to the liver. Clairvoyants can see this, and of course,
this is how the Hathors see us anyway. They can see where the block is, and because everything is sound related, they can produce a
sound frequency and literally move the block. When it begins to move, the person starts to experience emotions, memories and feelings,
sometimes from 50 years prior, that they have blocked their entire life. People have reported this. Then the Hathors will rotate the person's
field so that the place where the person is blocked can be cleared and a new energy brought in. When the Hathors do this, people will
sometimes grab the arms of their chair because they feel like they are spinning. What is happening is physically and spiritually.that the field
is spinning even though the body is remaining stationary. The result is that the person experiences powerful changes emotionally.

For more information on the Hathors I recommend "The Hathor Material, Messages from an Ascended Civilization" by Tom Kenyon & Virginia
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