Messages from Water
Research by Dr. Masaru Emoto
We know from bio-resonance that water retains information. Your body is mostly water, so it is a library, not just of your physical condition but of your mind
and your soul. Pictured here are photos of frozen water crystals taken by Prof. Masaru Emoto. These photos and many others are in his book about
resonance called, Messages from Water.

He takes a small tube full of water and labels it with a word or two and then he freezes it. He then photographs the water crystals from the sample.

In the first photo, the water was labeled with the words love/appreciation. You can see the beauty and the symmetry in the sample. It has a perfection to it.
When you allow this emotion, the water in your body, your blood, begins to change to match the beauty of that sentiment.

The second photo is a sample of water after a prayer has been offered over the water. Here again you see the stunning beauty and symmetry of the water

The function of the light is to repattern the bio-resonance of the water in your body, removing clusters of old information and deformity and building a new
symmetry of harmony and balance.

Dr. Masaru Emoto
( is an internationally renowned researcher who has gained worldwide acclaim by showing how water is deeply
connected to our individual and collective consciousness. His message is simple, profound, and far-reaching. His photographs can be seen in Messages
from Water Vols. I, II, and III (over one million sold internationally in twenty languages) and in The Hidden Messages in Water (over 500,000 copies in print
in eleven languages), The True Power of Water, and The Secret Life of Water.

Born in 1943 in Japan, Emoto is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University’s Department of Humanities and Sciences with a focus on international
relations. In 1992 he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to
the concept of micro-cluster water in the United States. Thus began his quest to discover the mystery of water. Over time he realized that in its frozen
crystal form, water shows us its true power.

In the March 2004 issue of The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Emoto did an astonishing photo essay for special medicine based on
his research. He is currently the head of I.H.M. General Research Institute Inc., the President of I.H.M. Inc., and the chief representative of I.H.M.'s HADO
Fellowship.  Emoto conducts his research from Japan and holds seminars throughout the world. It was at his United Nations seminar in September 2003,
that he fully comprehended the global water shortage. As a result of this experience, combined with the enactment of International Decade for Action,
Emoto formed his own non-profit organization, “International Water for Life,” through which he will dedicate his water research to achieving world peace.


Experiments have since been done with water by placing words like love, joy, peace, or harmony on the water as a label or setting the water on top of a
word label.  As we know, words are vibrations of energy just as all things are so placing the word 'love' underneath or on the front of a container of water
overnight can change the molecular structure of the water and the results are astounding.

You might try make some labels for your bottled water and see what the results are.  Some ideas for labels are energy, light, enthusiasm, vision, insight,
intuition, enlightenment, etc.  See how labeling the water charges the water with the vibrational changes - try your own experiment.
Waters Cellular Structure
after Love/Appreciation
Waters Ce;;i;ar Strictire after
offering a prayer
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