An Inner Child Crystal is one or more crystals partially embedded in another crystal.  These crystals very much resemble a parent holding, cradling, and
in some cases giving birth to, a child, represented by the smaller crystal.  An Inner Child can also be a smaller crystal cradled between two parent
crystals.  An Inner Child Crystal is not the same as a Creator Crystal or a Phantom (see Creator Crystal and Phantom Crystal).

Symbolically, The Inner Child Crystal and the parent holding it represent the dependence of one upon the other.   If the larger parent crystal does not
hold or support the smaller, the parent will soon be left with an empty place where the child rested, while the smaller crystal will be left with no shelter or
support before it has fully matured.

An Inner Child Crystal makes a great friend when you are feeling particularly insecure or off-balance.  This is an excellent stone for anyone needing to be
held or cared for -- physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually.

An Inner Child Crystal is a good protection stone for the child in you and a reminder to keep in touch with the child-like parts of your nature, like trust and
having fun with simple everyday things.  An Inner Child Crystal helps remind you to respect the needs and feelings of the small child you never leave
behind, and that it is okay to be 'spiritual' and still have fun, even silly slapstick fun.  It reminds you that play is as essential to your overall growth and
development as work and study.

An Inner Child Crystal is also a good choice for helping you get back in touch with your prime directives, what you came here to learn, and is a good tool
to help you remember and work with any uncompleted childhood lessons or buried memories (you might want to pair it with an Elestial for this kind of
work).  It is, of course, outstanding for any inner child work."

  • Symbolizes the deep relatedness between parent and child
  • Represents the inner child in each of us
  • One of the best Rescue Stones
  • A good Dream Stone
  • Outstanding choice during any inner child work
  • Excellent emotional and physical protection stone
  • A good reminder that we each still carry our childhood with us
  • Helps you release and safely discharge internal stress
  • Great aid in relieving sadness and depression
  • Reminds you that you are never, ever totally alone or without support
  • Assists in any problems you have with being a parent
  • Promotes love and acceptance of yourself
  • Helps prevent emotional breakdowns
  • Great tool when learning to regain your child-like trust of life
  • Reminds you to be supportive of others
  • An excellent choice when entering new territories that kick up old
  • Reminds us to have fun and be child-like, but not child-ish
  • Recommended for anyone fighting any type of addiction
  • Helps with emotional traumas connected to being or having been a
    human child
  • Reminds you that fun and play are essential for your spiritual growth
    as work and study
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