Assisi, Italy
It used to be that an emotion or issue would hit us and it would take days to digest what it was all about and
integrate it.  Integration is taking the 'information' to its deepest level and understanding what it was about.  After
integration, we then automatically move ourselves to the next level.

It is now my experience that we may or may not know exactly what is activating our emotions or bothering us in the form of issues and it doesn't seem to matter to
the integration and moving forward process.  It is just going to happen now anyway you look at it.  In other words, you might be feeling irritated at nothing in
particular and emotional with no reason for it.  You can feel things are stirring up and are shifting inside of you and it may not be a comfortable experience.

New to me, there doesn't seem to be a preparation for going on a trip and having experiences it any organized way.  Whatever you have envisioned is going to
happen will most likely be entirely different.

When I was in Assisi, Italy September 28-29, I experienced very interesting events of completely different natures.

John and I got into town driving the rental car at about noon and were to stay at the Hotel San Francesco. There was no parking within 1 mile so parking the car
was a little walk.  After dropping it off and walking back to town we found out that lunch time was 12:00-1:00 and we missed it.  The restaurants and shops close up
for siesta and the next meal would be dinner at 7:30-8:00pm at any of the restaurants in Assisi.

The ladies in the hotel were wonderful and made me feel like I was in their private home.  Here is this little lady carrying my bag up to my room.  I told her I would
carry it and she wouldn't hear of it.  Beautiful Sacred Feminine energy.

Our hotel was right next to the Basilica of St. Francis which was why I wanted to stay there.  Assisi has little or no parking but you can get around by walking and the
hotels provide maps of the city.

We decided to visit the Basilica of St. Francis which also has his tomb inside the lower church.  It was a very beautiful church with fresco's painted on the walls and
ceiling.  We went down stairs to the tomb of Saint Francis and I was struck by the emotions I was feeling.  In the lower church are many chapels and one is Mary
Magdalen's chapel.  It warmed my heart to have her honored.  I then visited the chapel of Mary, the Holy Mother, who has been with me my whole life guiding me
gently.  My heart was deeply stirred.  There is a statue of Mary in the chapel and her eyes look as if they have tears and are looking directly at you.  I felt a deep
reverence and thankfulness for Mary's presence in my life.  As I walked through I was giving thanks for all of them.

The next day we checked out of the hotel and drove to St. Clare's convent and church.  Again, I experienced the rush of emotions and heart energy in front of St.
Clare's tomb.  Thanking her for her contribution and her beautiful feminine energies that she brought to the earth plane.

Assisi seems to have been a trip of honoring the sacred feminine.  Lots of heart openings and emotional clearing.

A beautiful experience for me.
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