By Beverly Ann Wilson

Inter-dimensional Crystals are defined by multiple softly curved windows across the faces of the crystal.  These “soft” windows are not man-made.  They
are part of the properties of the crystal when it is mined.  They are often double terminated, and often hold Time Link windows within their properties.  
They often work hand – in – hand with Lemurian Seed Crystals.  They also work successfully with
Andara Crystals.

It is easiest to explain the work of an Inter-Dimensional Crystal through the following allegory.  The borderland between two countries does not hold the
“rules” of either country.  When one goes through the Border station of the country one is leaving, before passing through the Border station of the
country one is entering, there exists a “space” where neither country’s rules apply.  If one were to stay in that “space”, the boundaries of the two countries
could be defined as the passing through the gate through which their individual rules are set in motion.  This “space” between would be a “null zone”.

COUNTRY A        ]   ‘NULL ZONE’   [     COUNTRY B

(By definition (Webster’s New World Dictionary), null is defined as follows:  
1.        Without legal force; not binding; void; …)

Within this seemingly void space lives all possibilities.  It houses the creative un-limitless-ness of what has yet to be determined.  These crystals work
within the undefined Quantum Field of Possibility, in the space between one impulse and another …  the space a synapse leaps to continue its
communicative path … where possibility and the ‘yes’ to possibility intersects.  If you are chosen to work with an Inter-Dimensional Crystal, you will
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