from Crystal Personalities by Pauline Troyer

An Isis Crystal is any crystal with at least one 5-sided face. The number 5 itself symbolizes The Center, love, health, knowledge, Essence acting upon
Matter, the Human Soul, rapid change, and things not yet complete. Five is also symbolic of the harmonious union of Yin and Yang, meditation, marriage,
religion, and the potential for liberation from the mundane or material.

So an Isis Crystal can remind you of all of these things, and that the human soul is always moving toward re-union with its Source, even though it may still
be seeing itself as incomplete and imperfect.

An Isis Crystal connects you more directly to the higher side of your Yin (female) characteristics and nature, whether you are male or female, and
amplifies all of the more positive qualities of Yin while controlling or suppressing all of the less productive ones. Using an Isis Crystal during meditation can
help you access lost or scattered memories of times you utilized the Yin side of your energy for the benefit of others, and this applies to men as well as

Isis is She Who Brings Forth and symbolizes fidelity in love, perseverance under seemingly impossible conditions, courage, compassion, humility,
acceptance, wisdom, fertility, and magnanimousness toward all living things. Isis was linked to the Sirius Star System by her followers and Osiris to the
Orion system.

An Isis Crystal is an especially good choice as a Dream Stone when working with issues related to the symbolism of Isis or the number 5, and of course is
the perfect mate for an Osiris Crystal.  Traditionally, believed to help benefit the female reproductive system. Represents beauty, courage, and patience
in the face of great odds. Controls and suppresses the less desirable qualities of Yin. Represents the Divine Mother, the Queen of Heaven, She Who
Brings Forth the Sun, Source of the Gods, the One Who Is All.

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  • Symbolizes the human soul in search of completion.
  • Represents Words of Power.
  • Symbolizes human destiny.
  • Represents Wisdom, Justice, and fidelity in love.
  • Symbolizes courage in the face of great adversity.
  • A good Dream Stone.
  • One of the Rescue Stones.
  • A Shaman Stone.
  • Attracts and the helps you hold on to human love.
  • Amplifies the higher side of your Yin (female) qualities.
  • Helps you put your ego in proper perspective.
  • A great aid when coping with grief and issues of loss.
  • Helps you work with fear of life itself.
  • Enhances your compatibility with all types of people.
  • Helps you regain any lost Yin qualities and wisdom.
  • One of the fertility stones.
  • Helps teach patience and perseverance against seemingly
    impossible odds.
  • Stimulates a desire for faithfulness in love.