Key Quartz Crystal
From Love is in the Earth
by Melody

The Key Quartz Crystal is recognized, usually by a three-sided or six-sided indented shape located on the crystal.  The indent becomes narrower as it
goes within the crystal and ends within the crystal, usually in an apex termination.

It is used to unlock the ‘doors’ to healing concepts and to those aspects of the self which tend to be illusive.  It further helps one to answer questions like
– why can’t I…?

It also assists one in accessing that which is hidden in any situation.  One can place the crystal on letters, photographs, etc., in order to gain admittance
to concealed or obscure messages which are inherent.  

It can be used to assist in analytical problem-solving; placing the crystal upon a textbook, which contains the information necessary to arrive at a solution,
has stimulated the inner knowledge of the answer.
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