Laser Wand Crystal
from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Lasers are long, thin crystals resembling a wand.  They can be anywhere from ¼ inch to several inches in length but will always have either sharp 3-sided
points [terminations] or a slightly rounded point often resembling a human finger.  Either form is a Laser Wand Crystal.  Lasers are not Generator or
Artemis Crystals, they are their own highly specialized form (see Generator Crystal, Artemis Crystal).  Few, if any, Lasers will be perfectly clear and they
often look slightly secondhand or battered.  A Laser Wand Crystal is also sometimes called a Merlin Crystal Laser Wands are often used by those
involved in alternative healing procedures to direct the flow of energy in a very precise surgical-like manner through the Laser into the organ or area
being treated.  Lasers can be used very much like a non-cutting scalpel by trained healers, but are used only to work with energy frequency patterns,
never to actually cut or damage the skin.  
Laser Wand Crystals don’t need to be confined to use by alternate healers and they make excellent “magic wands”.  Lasers are outstanding candidates
for programming and to help you focus energy toward accomplishing your goals.  Properly programmed, Laser Wands are first rate protection stones.  
They are also good substitutes for an Artemis Crystal, usually a much harder crystal to find.  But again, remember that it isn’t nice to point.


  •        Symbolizes focus and your determination to reach your goals.
  •        The Merlin Crystal.
  •        One of the Power Stones.
  •        One of the Shaman Stones.
  •        A good Rescue Stone.
  •        Focuses and directs energy with precision and accuracy.  
  •        Helps you fight and overcome unreasonable fears.
  •        Excellent telepathic communication tool.
  •        A good physical and psychic protection stone.
  •        Fine re-energizer.
  •        Good choice for communication with your Higher Self.
  •        Promotes a more self-confident attitude.
  •        Good choice for programming.
  •        Often used by those working with energy in alternative healing fields.
  •        A good “magic wand” to help you focus your thoughts and desires.
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