Lemurian "Crossovers"

The Lemurian Laser Seed Crystals hold  Unity-One-With-Source consciousness.  They were found where they had been placed (around the end of the
Lemurian Civilization period) to hold this consciousness for the Earth and the mineral kingdom where the crystals were going to be growing , while we
established our individuated consciousnesses through the Millenniums.  In order to allow a separation from Source Consciousness, the vibrational
frequency of this dimension had to become much slower.  The Lemurian Seed Crystals have held the Unity-Source-Consciousness frequency for our
Earth and mineral kingdom while we each have been growing as our unique aspect of the Divine Evolving.  And as we have reached the level of
understanding (as we have now) that "Yes, we are established, individuated aspects of the All-That-Is  AND   we are One-In-Source.", they would be
rediscovered to act as co-partners with us in Re-Uniting Source Consciousness with our Individuated Consciousness.  Together our collective task with
our Lemurian Seed Crystal becomes consciously raising and embodying the creative vibrational frequency of Unity-One-With-Source for ourselves, our
Earth and this dimension while maintaining our Individualization.  

The Bible depicts the movement out of Source Consciousness as the Fall from the Garden of Eden (by eating of the Tree of Knowledge).  Another way of
looking at this same thrust toward individuation is to see it as a whole-hearted response to the Desire of Source to know more about each aspect of
Creative Potential evolving in this physical dimension.  With this perspective,  there were aspects of Source Consciousness that elected to be part of the
initiation of this response.  These  were part of the initial thrust out of Unity-One-With-Source toward individuated aspects of the Creative Whole.  Those
who were active in this thrust toward individuation and their crystals I call "crossovers".  They not only hold the Lemurian age Unity consciousness,  they
hold the Atlantean consciousness as well.  They have a different look and energy vibration than the Seed Crystals that are not "crossovers".   They were
Bridges out of Source Consciousness then; and, they are Bridges now as we move toward Oneness-With-Individuation.  With this Re-Union with Source
Consciousness, while holding our Individuated Consciouseness as a unique aspect of Source, the initial Response comes full circle and becomes
Simplistically, there seems to have been three primary group ways of responding to "Source Longing" and thus the movement toward Individuation.

The simplest are those who whole heartedly were able to say "Yes, I will Individuate."( much like The Fool in the tarot) and thrust themselves, as complete
consciousnesses, out of Source Conscousness toward individuation.  When these are reunited with their Lemurians there seems to be a deep inner joy
and knowing, acknowledging these dear co-partners.   Much like a long lost love,  they begin their re-united work together.

The second group's response toward individuation was a bit more conservative.  They elected to have "part of their individual aspect" (for lack of a better
way of discribing this) to stay in Source Consciousness to "hold Source Consciousness" for the individuating self, much as the Lemurians have done for
the Earth and the mineral kingdom.  This group has to reunite with that aspect that has been "holding Source Consciousness".   That aspect has to be
taken to Its I Am Presence to be "updated" on all that transpired during individuation, so that it can be fully integrated into
Oneness-With-Individuation-Consciousness with its reunited Individuated aspect.  This group seems to experience the joy and celebration of a family
reunion with that aspect that "stayed behind" and their Lemurian.  With a conscious updating of ones time line, and, after a brief period for the updating,
the re-union is complete and the frequency shift begins.

The third group is a bit more complex.  Basically, part knew it had to respond to Source Longing and part could not chose to leave Source
Consciousness, or condone "holding space" while that part responded.  With this group the journey back toward its re-Union includes the healing of this
"rift of consciousness".  I want to acknowledge with this group the courage and dedication it takes to commit to a "Yes" to Source Longing that includes
this level of separation.  It is easy to respond when there is no opposition and complete support.  There is a deep, sacred healing that takes place with
this re-Union.  And again that part has to be "updated" before the re-Union is complete.  I always feel a sacred privilege in "holding space" for this process
of re-Union and am awed by the shift each person experiences when this is completed.
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