Library Crystal
From Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Library Crystals are crystals with several, newer, flat, stubby crystals plastered to the outside surface of the larger crystal.  These overlays are not well-
defined crystals but literally overgrowths and often resemble a layer of thick plaster or paste.  Unlike an Abundance or Comet Crystal, overgrowth crystals
on the surface of a Library will never have the typical crystalline shape.  

Depending upon the stone, a Library Crystal carries either several pages or several volumes of information encoded within these overgrowth crystals on
its surface, in addition to the information held within the main body deep within the Library.  As you may have guessed, Libraries are the kissing cousins
of Record Keeper Crystals.  

Library Crystals are generally just that—they hold information accessible by the general public and not necessarily for specific individuals.  You do,
however, have to be ready to put some effort into accessing and referencing the information in your Library, just as you do in any library.  And don’t
forget to take notes while you’re in there.  And you do get to ask for help in your research from the Head Librarian.


  •        Symbolizes stored information and knowledge from many cultures and times.
  •        Good choice for anyone who wishes to begin any course of study.
  •        Outstanding Dream Stone.
  •        Exceptional meditation tool.
  •        Stores ancient and multi-dimensional information.
  •        A good confidence builder.
  •        Effective tool for working with ego-related lessons.
  •        Helps you access and work with your personal belief systems.
  •        Excellent divination tool.  
  •        Helps in accessing past, present, and future information.
  •        A good tool when communicating with your teachers and guides.
  •        Good choice for working with fear of your personal power.  
  •        Great general crystal research tool.
  •        A reminder that Eternity is a very long time indeed.
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