From Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Life Path Crystals are long, thin crystals with one or more totally smooth sides.  Run your finger up and down the sides of your crystal.  If you find
absolutely no imperfections of any kind, you have been fortunate enough to find your Life Path Crystal -- no small achievement.  Life Path Crystals are
sometimes called Beauty Way Crystals.

Life Path Crystals are good meditation and spiritual exercise tools and can be used to help you find and stay on your path.  Focusing on this crystal can
also help you find pull you back onto your path and be a constant reminder that your intention is to accomplish certain things within this lifetime.

For instance, one way to use your Life Path Crystal is to hold it in your hands and repeat your daily affirmations or goals into it each morning.  Use any
words or phrases that have strong personal impact. They do not have to be lofty or "spiritual" to work -- they just have to have deep, intense, personal
meaning.  Then check in again with your Life Path Crystal at the end of your day to see how it feels about how you carried out your intentions.

A Life Path Crystal can help you learn to flow with the current of your life and encourage you to open to your natural inner rhythms.  A Life Path Crystal
can help connect you more directly to your Higher and Inner Self to ensure that you accomplish what you originally set out to do, and at the same time
keep you on tract with your original pre-physical plan or blueprint.

These crystals are excellent at reminding you of what is truly important in your life and growth, helping you naturally and effortlessly shed what is
unnecessary or stopping the natural flow.  A Life Path Crystal is one of the best choices for directing you towards the answers to 'Who am I?' and 'Why
am I here?', especially when paired with a piece of Sugilite.

  •        Symbolizes your path in this life.
  •        One of the Shaman Stones.
  •        Excellent Dream Stone.
  •        A good Rescue Stone.
  •        Helps you remember to go with the flow.
  •        An excellent protection stone.
  •        Helps you remember your present life path.
  •        Connects you more directly to your Higher and Inner Self.
  •        Exceptional meditation stone.
  •        Helps you generate the courage to stay on your true path.
  •        One of the best affirmation tools around.
  •        Good divination stone.
  •        Generates psychic intuitive energy.
  •        Excellent tool for accessing your belief systems.
  •        First rate energy shield.
  •        A good depression fighter.
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