All Things Exist NOW.

Every thing that could ever exist already exits
NOW.  There is no linear time; there is only the great NOW.  You have
access to everything that exists.

    1.     Know that everything is already done.

    2.     Choose what you want.

    3.     It is done.

    4.     Release anything that comes up in the Emotional Body that denies your manifestation.  Use a
           method to release like the Sedona Method or read the Release article in Ezine.

    5.     Know it is done.

    6.     Make intentions.

    7.     Use your power – choose everything.  And if it ends up being not what you wanted – choose again.
                 Make powerful choices.

Consider that you have many parallel lives right now; fragments of yourself split at the time you incarnated and are living different experiences.  You can tap into any
of your parallel lives and draw these experiences into your life now.

Be clear and specific in your intension then let it go.  Know as you live your life you are consciously you are creating the future.  Trust it will come into creation.

We have many filters and veils that the emotional body has put into place life after life.  These veils and filters are Karma.  We decided to implement Karma as a tool
to experience earth life.  We put these filters in place so our fragments’ parallel lives don’t merge memories and experiences.  We can choose to reintegrate our
fragments back into this lifetime if we so desire.  

The only thing that stops us believing our manifestations are already here is the Emotional Body.  

IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. There is no need to pray over and over for the same thing.

There is NO NEED to ask more than once.

It is now time to give yourself acceptance that what you desire to manifest is your choice and nothing, but you, is standing in your way.  Please step out of your own

Accept that your creations are truly in motion.  

Release and allow this break though.

Trust in the universal consciousness that shines brightly within your heart.

It is your divine birthright as you have created it and asked for it.

All levels of the soul and body are merging into the light, none are being lost. You are transforming yourselves into one being and not losing anything along the way.
There is no separation, only merging and in the merging, you are returning home to your divine self.

You are already a divine being.   When the ego shows your things to the contrary just remember it was created as your “governor” to keep you in the Game.  Like
the rental trucks that have governors on the accelerator so have we put one on ourselves as we come into earth life to run/play this program.

Valerie Phillips
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