from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Master Matrix Crystals will have most, if not all, of the currently known geometric shapes etched or engraved naturally somewhere on the outside of the
crystal or hidden deep within its interior.  As you can imagine, these stones are exceptionally rare.  A Master Matrix Crystal can be any variety of quartz
crystal and any crystal personality, and is sometimes called a Root Directory or Master Programmer Crystals.

A Master Matrix contains all of the hard data necessary to program or reboot Record Keeper Crystals.  These are the master programmers, the matrix
stones used to program the original Record Keeper Crystals.

Use your Master Matrix in the same way you would use a computer’s root directory.  This is fairly advanced stuff and not recommended for those without
the patience to gain the knowledge and experience to use them responsibly.  And just like any sophisticated computer system, improper use could cause
the loss of critical data, and give you a screaming headache in the bargain.

You should be aware that you cannot change the original underlying program of any Master Matrix, but you can add to them, creating subdirectories to
run from the main program.  These subdirectories can be used to expand the information already existing in a Record Keeper Crystal as well as increase
the crystal’s  storage capacity for new and additional information.

Master Matrix Crystals are not often immediately recognizable and they certainly are not likely to be beautiful.  In fact they are very often quite re reverse.  
As with other deep knowledge, “the secret protects itself” and is neither easily found nor deciphered, probably one of the reasons why these stones are
sometimes not particularly attractive or eye-catching.  

Treat this crystal with the greatest respect and honor.  To try to misuse it would begin a chain of events you definitely will not want to experience first-
hand in this or any other lifetime.

  • Symbolized the sum total of all information available to humanity within the present time cycle.
  • A Master Programmer of all Record Keepers.
  • An excellent Dream Stone.
  • Superior channeling stone.
  • Aids in accessing your belief systems.
  • Good information source to help you in making the most appropriate decisions.
  • Allows you to create your own Record Keepers.
  • A good tool for communicating with your guides, teachers, and Higher Self.  
  • Good tool for expanding the information stored in other crystals, 3especially Record Keeper Crystals.
  • Excellent choice for working with any fears concerning death and your concept of what happens after physical death.
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