Just before the spring equinox, powerful transformational energies are available to us all.  Make powerful choices for yourself now and through March and
your manifestations will move very quickly.  Hold on to your hat....  

As I received the day - it warmly greeted me with radiant sunshine and great beauty as I looked up into the sky and watched rays of sun streaking through the
clouds which created a halo and heavenly glow.  My heart was renewed with great trust, faith and belief that all is perfect in this now moment.  I was reminded
of the connection to Mother Earth - and the deep rich feeling of safety, nurturing and support.  I envisioned myself with my cheek to the earth in deep love and
thankfulness for all she has given me.

Mother earth is here for us all and is in deep desire for connection and conscious oneness with us.  She is a powerful divine being and is always here for us
and loves us deeply.

Guided Mother Earth Meditation

Sit in a relaxed, quite space and from the God I Am of your being call forth the full presence of the light realm and all of your angels, guides and masters to
join you in deep healing.  Picture your feet firmly planted in the center of mother earth's crystal heart center.  See white light radiating down through the top of
your head and down through your spine all the way through your feet and into the center of the earth.  Now, let the energies mix and then bring the energies
up through the bottom of your feet - up to your heart.  Feel your heart stir with deep emotion and connection and then choose to raise the energy further up
through the throat and to the third eye (center of your forehead).  Feel the activation of the pineal gland in the center of your head.  Feel the stirring of
powerful energies awakening the memories of who you

are.  Next continue to direct the energies up through the top of your head and out.  Repeat this ten times or more as you feel called.  Complete the meditation
with a deep thankfulness and appreciation to Your God Self, the earth and All that Is for you are one and the same.

So Be It.

Valerie Phillips
Spring Equinox Meditation with Mother Earth
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