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Prima Matra from the Sierras

Metaphysical Properties
Amber:  Golden Brown
  • Promotes the direction of one's path and choices.
  • Creates mental and emotional strength.  It has a calming effect.
  • Promotes unconditional love and compassion opening the heart
    chakra to forgiving and receiving.
More About
Ane'la Andara
Ane'la:  Aqua blue
  • This is the angel stone holding the Field of one's Intention.
  • Brings the clearest expression of an individual's Source
    Consciousness that can be embodied.  
  • Allows the possibility of receiving, ascending and integrating
    potential that the Ane'la Consciousness embodies.  
  • The Ane'la opens a stargate of Unlimited Consciousness.   
  • The aqua blue color holds an immense high heart frequency in its
    own right.
  • The frequency is exponentially increased through the infusion of the
    angelic frequencies Ane'la consciousness elicits.  
  • Aligning with the Ane'la in and through the purity of one's intentions,
    one's individual field is catapulted into rarefied Angelic dimensions.
Seafoam:  Shades of Green, Blue and Yellow.  
  • Seafoam holds some or all of the properties of the Andara Crystals.
  • Seafoam works mainly on generational heritage-DNA clearing past life
    related issues.  
  • Renews cellular memory cleansing body, mind and spirit.  Its like
    immersing yourself in an ocean of Mother Earth Elements of Water and
    Salt honoring the Divine Feminine.  
  • The salt element rebuilds your cellular memory and manifest
    emotional calm and stability to walk through the world in a powerful way.
Avalon Blue: Clear with light,  to very light bluish tint  
  • Holds the energy of the high priestess.  
  • Restores grace, peace, harmony, acceptance and compassion.
  • It brings forth peaceful change.  
  • It is a channel for divine energy.  It holds mother energy.  Takes you
    back to a time when the royal blood lines began and honor, service
    to God (Divine Source) and mankind brings you to a place of
    oneness with your Divine Plan & path.
  • This is the awakening of work begun long ago.
Lavender Blue:   
  • A powerfully psychic crystal it helps put you in touch with your intuition.
  • The Lavender Andara opens the spiritual psychic center of the mind;
    the third eye.  
  • Works with St. Germain and the energies of violet transformation.
  • Holds together all things.
  • The most balancing and grounding of all the Andara, yet, within the
    Black Andara is all eternity and access to it.
  • There is great power held within the Black Andara and as such it is
    rare and sacred.  
  • The keeper of the black Andara is Sanat Kumara who works with
    Thoth to provide access to those who are ready to receive and have
    the open heart, love and will of Divine Good.  
  • The Black Andara works as a key.
Luminescent Blue (Sapphire):  
  • Carries the gifts of power, will, drive, confidence and strength and is
    connected to the Will of God.  
  • Ascended Master El Morya, the most renowned of the Tibetan
    mahatmas, is at work through this Luminescent Blue Andara and
    together, he and Archangel Michael work through the throat chakra to
    transform all to the will to do good.
Camelot Champagne:   Very pale yellow/peach.  
  • The Camelot Champagne Andara holds the energy of wonder,
    restoring joy, innocence and magnificence.
  • Camelot Champagne builds community and creates possibilities.
  • The Camelot holds universal knowledge.  It opens the heart of the
Luminescent Green:  
  • Brings healing, and is focused working through the heart chakra.
  • Luminescent Green Andara concentrates on concrete science,
    knowledge and research, and is connected to the Temple of Truth.
  • Ascended Master Hilarion is helping to bring in the scientific aspect of
    the New Age through the Luminescent Green Andara by teaching us to
    use our mental powers by dropping seed thoughts of the new
    technology and scientific ideas into receptive minds.
  • He works through the Luminescent Green Andara to help us expand
    the mind and bring new consciousness and spirituality into all areas of
    scientific discovery.
  • He stands for accuracy, justice, common sense and upright attitudes.  
    He works with Archangel Raphael to bring this Luminescent Green
    healing energy through this Andara Crystal.
Divine Fire:  
  • The Fire of the Divine burns through all old energies and old
    patterns bringing you a clear and balanced body, mind and spirit.
  • The fire Andara is under the guidance of Babaji who closely
    oversees and guides all who take on the energy purification and
    balancing through the Fire Andara.
  • A profound connection to the Goddess Pelé brings an honoring of
    the Goddess and the clarity of deep spiritual value in the Divine that
    lies within you.
Luminescent White:  
  • Holds the secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the
    planet, working to establish heaven on earth.  
  • Luminescent White Andara holds the energy of an ancient cosmic
    being in charge of the order of Melchizedek.
  • This brotherhood organizes the Mystery School, which holds the
    secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the planet, and is
    working to establish heaven on Earth.  
  • Jesus was a high priest in the Order of Melchizedek.  
  • All humans belong at some level to this order.  
  • Archangel Metatron works together with Melchizedek to teach those
    who are ready.
Gold / Green:  
  • Promotes creativity, the Green/Gold Andara brings all the elements
    of Merlin's Light Green which is the honor, wisdom and
    connectedness to Divine Source (God).  
  • Gold is pure wisdom which brings you to Zero Point within as it
    integrates the polarities of masculine and feminine within the
  • This is a divine gift brought here for this special mission and the
    timing is crucial.  Its mission is very large indeed.
Luminescent Yellow:  
  • Brings a higher octave of light, wisdom, truth and understanding.
  • When you work with the Luminescent Yellow you will be working directly
    with Ascended Master Kuthumi and Archangel Jophiel who helps to
    touch people with wisdom and illumination, tact, foresight,
    consideration and friendliness.
  • Promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and power.  Brings harmony
    through detachment to the 3rd chakra.
Merlin's Light:  Green.  
  • It holds the energy of magic.  
  • It brings forth vision and manifestation.  
  • Merlin's Light awakens leprechaun alchemy and restores the
    powers of royalty.  
  • It holds the ancient knowledge of the emerald tablets.  
  • Merlin's Light gives you access to many dimensions.  
  • It awakens the wisdom of the grandmothers.
Shaman's Stone:  Dark Root Beer Brown
  • These are the peace keepers.  
  • Place them at your front gate and everyone that comes through the gate
    will be blessed by this stone.  
  • The Shaman's Stone holds the energy of Mother Earth and provides
    total healing within...taking pain away.  
  • Nurturing loving, grounding energy.  
  • Helps you build foundations.
  • Holds the powers of shape shifting and the ability to see things from
    new perspectives.  
  • Clears old energies.  It returns all things back to their original state.
  • Hold father energy.
Merlin Purple
  • Holds everything that the Merlin's Light Green holds with the
    additional of bringing a powerful magical alchemy that can not be
  • Helps to Activate the Third Eye
  • Improves intuition   
Merlin Blue Andara
  • Holds the qualities of Royalty and the Mystical.
  • Hold the qualities of Merlin's Light Green Andara as well.
  • Bring powerful connection with the celestial reams and great alchemy.
  • Energetically, moves energy in a spiritually uplifting way.  
Oracle Clear:  
  • This crystal is a channel for wisdom and focus.  
  • The Oracle Clear holds the energy of clarity and brilliance.  
  • It resonates focus, wisdom and truth.  
  • It opens the doorway to the future.  
  • It is the director of energy.  
  • The Oracle Clear holds the wisdom of the grandfather.
Yellow / Green:
  • Helps relieve nervousness and pressure.
  • Take it and hold it in your hand and you can feel the nervousness
    leaving the body.
  • Wear it around your neck or in your pocket and it will help relax you.
  • Creates the connection between the intellectual nature and Mother
    Earth's Nature Kingdom.
  • Calms and supports the individual while bringing the spirit of play and
  • Its mission is to be here in this special timing to support us as we
    move closer to 2012.
Higher Heart Celestial Green / Blue:
  • Brings together the energies of the higher heart & throat chakra
    merging powerful gifts of communication & unconditional agape.  
  • Archangel Michael's influence brings a merging within while
    allowing the outward communication to flow from the depths of one's
  • Brings grace to one's self  & others in the presence of this Andara's