Rainbow Crystals are any form of quartz crystal which naturally flash the colors of the rainbow when turned in the light. The reflection of light creating the
rainbow most often comes from an ancient crack in the crystal which allowed another mineral or water to flow into the crystals interior. When light hits this
inclusion it is reflected back from both sides. And since the rays reflected back through both sides do not quite perfectly match, we are lucky enough to
get the rainbow effect. Interestingly enough, really good quality Rainbow Crystals (also called Iris Quartz) is rarer than Diamonds.

Rainbow Crystals remind you to see the natural beauty in all that is around you every moment, and that when you remember to tune in to Nature your life
automatically becomes calmer, more rewarding, and better balanced. Rainbows remind you to lighten up, that your life is supposed to be fun, to not take
things so seriously, and that being slightly out of alignment with your surroundings is not always a bad thing. Without this temporary imbalance you might
miss your own rainbows.

Rainbow Crystals are natural promoters of happiness, hope. optimism, peace, courage, creativity, and respect for all life. These crystals are especially
good for anyone who tends to spend too much time inside themselves. Remember that only light can cause a rainbow, and light has a hard time entering
anything that is too tightly closed. Rainbows cannot appear in total darkness, no matter what they do.

Rainbow Crystals are master depression fighters and encourage shy people to peek out and join the rest of the world. These are great emotional
healers, making them one of the best Rescue Stones around.

Rainbow Crystals remind you that you have already weathered many storms and that you have the strength to make it through anything you must,
anytime you must. They are excellent reminders that you are already a survivor. Rainbows show you that it is often the rough treatment you suffer from
strong outside forces that open up a chink in your armor and allow the light to come in. They are prime examples of what you can accomplish when you
decide to turn lemons into lemonade.

The rainbow itself is a strong symbol of the movement of Consciousness through the levels of growth which each color of the rainbow spectrum
represents (i.e., your movement from red to violet). Rainbows are symbolic bridges between this world and the next in virtually all cultures, and rainbows
of any kind are always strong symbols of transformation and the promise of new beginnings. Choose a Rainbow Crystal anytime you need top be
reminded that there is no real separation between the higher and lower, the spiritual and the physical worlds.

from"Love Is In the Earth" by Melody

The Rainbow Quartz Crystal is recognized by fractures within the crystals.  Crystals containing these internal fractures have certain prismatic effects
which produce powerful rainbows within the crystal giving additional energy which is lacking in a 'crystal clear' specimen.

These rainbow crystals bring rainbows into ones life and are a very special gift from the spirit-keeper of the crystal; they help one to deal with negativity
and to maintain the constant awareness that love is within the life one experiences at every moment.  They produce the full spectrum of color, the white
light of healing and perfection being dispersed into the individual rays of the rainbow; this dispersion facilitates use of the rainbow crystal on any and all
  • Symbolizes a divine promise or covenant
  •  Symbolizes the bridge between this world and the next
  •  Represents harmony between all states of consciousness
  •  Symbolizes the higher mental planes of existence
  •  A Strong symbol of transformation and a better life to come
  •  Symbolizes regained good health and harmony
  •  A symbol of new beginnings and a new way of being
  •  One of the Rescue Stones.  Excellent Dream Stone
  •  Stimulates strong feelings of optimism and hope
  •  First rate anti-depression tool
  •  Assists in communication with your Higher Self
  •  Stimulates the courage to trust yourself enough to risk loving
  •  Reminds you to accept yourself for who you are, as you loving
  •  Good choice when working with lessons concerning unconditional
  •  Helps prevent emotional breakdowns
  •  Excellent tool when working with lessons connected with your parents
  •  Outstanding meditation tool
  • Promotes self-confidence in naturally shy people
  • Stimulates confident attitudes
  • Calms and soothes what's wrong
  • A good psychic energy stone
  •  Good divination stone
  •  Stimulates compassionate attitudes
  •  A good protection stone, especially during "stormy weather"
  •  Aids in maintain spiritual balance
  •  Creates a strong desire for harmony with others
  •  Cleanses and recharges its environment
  •  Helps you deal with lessons involving death of any kind
  •  Reminds you to keep your promises
  •  Dissipates apathetic attitudes
  •  Promotes the capacity to trust
  •  A good natural bridge between Spirit and Matter
  •  Reminds us that we are much more that we often believe we are
  •  Good choice to remind you there is no real separation between the
    spiritual and physical worlds
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