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Now is a great time to get some energy work done.  Go to your favorite Practitioner and allow yourself to receive assistance to release all the old
energies of the past and allow in the room for new.

You can treat yourself to great sessions that speed you along the path to ascension.  

I too go to my own Practitioners who from time to time when I feel the calling I go to clear, and open to receive in new energies and new levels.  
This is a time when I am choosing to do this for myself.

We may feel pretty much feel like we are clear slates right now and ready to be charged up with higher frequencies.  Or we may feel like a few
things need to be cleared even if we don't consciously know exactly what they are.  They can be from past lives or just energy blocks that we have
not addressed in the now.

This first part of 2007 is calling us all to get clear, get in alignment, and be ready to hit the ground running with our life's tasks.  For a lot of people
this has already started where things are falling into place to bring their own teaching, healing, energy work practices online.  Things are falling into
place now to bring about your work.

To take full advantage of this time, it is always important to follow you guidance and when you feel a pull to get some energy work done, please go
ahead and do it.  The physical body also needs to be tended too as well.  Get body work, or whatever it is that you are drawn to be it massage,
Hellerwork, Rolfing, etc.  

Take classes on crystal healing, and other types of work that can enhance your gifts that you bring into the world

Remember what you have in your mind and heart to clear and energize will happen so give yourself the gift of deciding/choosing to do this for

You are worth it!